Monday, July 30, 2007

Two more things for today

Lisa and Doug finally wrapped their arms around their new daughter early this morning. Seeing this family come together has been a truly amazing experience. Check out the great photos and their experience here.

Secondly, we received an email from our agency today saying that the 21st is the cutoff. The referrals had NOT been sent, as of the email, but they are done and will be sent soon.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

YEAH... you are going to be next..
Can't wait to see Chani's face..
I'm sure you can't either..

Shayla's Mom said...

Ok my gosh, now that I actually see that someone from my blogroll has valid info this close to referrals is making me a believer. Before this and the RQ site today, with an LID of 11/21/05, I really was thinking I'd be getting a referral in September. Thanks for brightening my day! I wish we could all get referrals at the same time! I would love to meet some of my new blogroll friends!

LID 11/21/05

Michaela said...

Kathy, it looks like you will be receiving your referral in September. The time will pass quickly ~ I'm excited for you!
Best wishes,
LID: 05/24/06

Krista said...

Sorry it wasn't this month for you. But at least you know the end is near. Hang in. Not much further.

jon-n-tracey said...

Hang in there, troopers!

Yes, Minister... said...

I am so happy for Lisa and Doug and look forward to posting a picture that says Congratulations to Kathy and Matt, today was their Gotcha Day, Very Soon!

Stacy said...

Your'e Next! Your'e Next! Your'e Next!

I'm sorry you missed this batch, but maybe right now you are in the matching room getting matched with Chani! :)

Jeter's Mama said...

Kathy, I have been trying to email you back, but it wont go through so here is my email...

Hey Kathy, sorry it took me a couple of days to answer.

if you are SURE people will come, any weekend in Aug. (except this coming weekend) would be fine. Last year I had around 22 people saying they were coming. Lisa S. told them all I live far out, and they still said they were coming, then she sent out directions to my house, and that SAME MORNING, everyone but 4 people said they couldn't make it. I don't think they really believed how far I lived until they read the directions. I was pissed, because I cooked A LOT of food, and everyone bailed out that same day.
So if you are sure people will make the trip.......
any coming weekend in Aug is fine. We can do a early in the day time, so people can go swimming. Pot luck sounds good.
tell me what you think?????