Monday, July 02, 2007

The closet and my madness

Matt, aka Daddy, finally finished Chani's closet. Well, pretty much anyway. He still has to make the drawers and paint the four adjustable shelves that he missed when he painted the rest of the frame. Here it is, a custom built closet for his little girl. Not a bad job for a beginner.

Oh, and if it looks like a mess, believe me, it's not. I have it all coordinated. All her 0-9 months are on purple hangers. The 9 month winters are on the side and the summers are in the front on the bottom row. Then, from left to right, are her 12 month summer on the bottom and then continuing on the top, left to right again, are her 12 month winters. (The few pinks on the top are 12's but I ran out of white hangers.) Then, the pink hangers are her 12-18 month summers on the side and back to the middle shelf in front for her 12-18 winters. (I had to fold these because I ran out of rod space.) - The bottom left hand shelf contains her 18 months, the middle shelf, her 18-24 months and the top shelf has her 24 months to 2T's. (I have a few 3's and up, mostly gifts from people that I have in one of the boxes at the top. In the other boxes are things like matching outfit hats, other hats, swimsuits and misc items. In her drawers for the time being, are the lids from the totes until Matt finishes the drawers. Her first drawer contains her 0-12 months socks. Her older socks are in the box at the top. The second drawer has her Gymboree socks that match an outfit along with her Gymboree hair clips. All others are in a separate box. Then, it's her pajamas in the next two drawers. On the shelf above the drawers are her shoes. All her shoes, except for her two Gymboree pair and her slippers, are consignment ones that I didn't pay more than $.50 each. Next comes her summer blankets and then the winter ones and finally on the top are her crib sheets and her burp cloths. I know this is probably tons more information than you need. I've been waiting for sooooo long! Can you tell? Am I insane? Oh, and one more thing, in each section, all her skirts with short sleeves are together, her pants with short sleeves, etc are together too. If I call this my hobby or collection, do you still think I'm nuts?


Yes, Minister... said...

Insane? Na~

BTW - the closet is AWESOME!!!!I can hardly wait until you can start applying all "your" hard work!

amy said...

You are so organized...What a great motivater you are!!!!

Love the pics..hope to visit with you soon!

Lisa and Doug said...

The closet is FANTASTIC! You are so much more organized in the clothes and accessories department that I am. I have so much work to do!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

VERY NICE!!! I love it..
I don't think you can ever have to much stuff..
Have a great week..

Michaela said...

Please come to my house... Chani's closet came out great. All those clothes - wow! Can I get in line for hand-me-downs -LOL!
Take care. I hope your referral will come soon!


Wow!! What a great job organizing!! Wan't to come over to my house and help me out?!?

Shayla's Mom said...

If only I could be THAT organized!

LID 11/21/05

Mick & James said...

Yes! You are officially insane.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just hope that my Shauna's closet will be that 'tidy' I also see you have a Yorkie (our's is Babe) named 'Bindi'... that is the first time I have heard that name in the US. In Australia that is a well known name... thanks for dropping by to my site... Fliss