Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Almost Next"

Micha asked in the previous comment section, "are you almost next?" and it got me to thinking.

Being this close yet so far is HARD on the heart. The roller coaster of rumors is also hard on the heart. One day I'm like all excited because we "could" be next but then I'll do a reality check with my friends who tell me that there is no way it could happen that soon. (Thank you all for being patient with me here when I talk about it over and over. I need to be told a few times before it sinks in.) In all reality and in my brain, I feel it will be October for us.

I've been hearing rumors of orphanage donations increasing, visa application fees increasing as well as our agency fees and let's not forget the update of the paperwork fees. That and the never ending wait has been getting to me lately. I've been preparing for this child for so long. I just want it over with. I want the waiting to be done, finally.

Going back to Micha's question has put the excitement back in there because I can answer YES to her question. I am almost next. I can also say that I am next with our agency. I am also next in our circle of friends and Yes, I am almost next with the world. Two more referral days without me and then, I can drop the "almost".


Shayla's Mom said...

I'm with you on that! I'm ready for the wait to be over too! People just don't get that there's more to just "waiting" many emotions and heartache each month. I wish the CCAA would speed up so we can all get on with our newly formed families!

Keeping my fingers crossed,
LID 11/21/05

Georgia said...

You SHOULD be excited, because you ARE almost next. You're closer than you ever have been. I'm sorry you've been down. This is a hard thing to go thru and so few people seem to "get it".

Sounds like you need to go buy something.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

You are almost next.. Who knows.. but guess what you are almost to holding your sweet little Chani..
I can not wait to see her sweet face..
I will be keeping my fingers crossed and praying for you both ..
Have a great evening.

~ Alison & Mali ~ said...

I can't imagine how u must feel waiting this long. You are so darn close. Even if it is October . . . it's coming, & she'll be SO worth it all.

amy said...

Praying for you and cant wait until all of November is matched! said...

You are so right. There are a lot of rumors floating around out there about raising the orphanage cost. I conduct workshops for my agency and we've been told there is "discussion" going on right now about raising the fees. I would think anyone who is already in the system is exempt from this rule. Let's hope so! Stay calm. YOU ARE NEXT!!

Yes, Minister... said...

Hugs ~ You are almost to the end of a very long journey. Chani is waiting just around the bend for you and Matt :D

Cindy said...

Kathy - This wait is very very tough, especially the last few months. Try to think with your head right now because all those rumors will surely mess with your heart, especially when you are the one 'expecting'. And who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.


stephanie said...

It must be so difficult right now. I try to be one of those glass is half full people but it's so hart when the heart is involved.

Hang on because you are really, really close.

kris said...

This post gave me goosebumps from head to toe...and I found myself smiling with tears streaming down my face.

There is something just magical about being almost next. And I am so glad that you are!