Friday, June 01, 2007

The girl is gone

Okay, so on Tuesday, we took "the girl", or "teenager", or "kid", or "Anna" to the airport. After sitting there with her, dealing with a couple delays and a gate change, they finally announced that they were ready to start loading. The called zone 6, which was on her boarding pass and after a few choking-back-the-tear-hugs, we said our goodbyes and watched our exchange student walk onto the plane to take her to LAX. It was very hard to let her go. I had to send her off to LAX to deal with her flight transfer alone. If only I would have thought about it earlier, we could have taken a short trip to California, spent a couple of days and then sent her to Taiwan from there. Well, you know what they say about hind sight. She called us once she made it through and was sitting at her gate. Then, once again when she reached Taipei and finally an email once she reached her house. She thought everything from the houses, rooms, chairs and even people looked small, compared to all the huge people and things in America. Oh, and everything went smoothly at LAX. We had booked her flights with a five hour layover, cut down to three due to delays in Atlanta. She was really glad she had all that extra time to collect her luggage, screen it for her international flight and find her gate.

I met a new family on Thursday, Heather and Lily. They just returned from China about three weeks ago and actually live close to me. Lily is such a doll and finally did manage to play a bit with LiLi. Now, that was confusing, but oh so adorable. One day I won't be the lone lunch-er without a kid. Then, the fun can really begin.

Tomorrow is the big potluck for the GAWait group, our waiting families potluck. We're heading to Provinos. That should be fun with nearly 30 people there! We get together about once a month. It has been a huge support system for us and I'm so glad to have this group.


Lisa and Doug said...

I am so sad that Anna is gone. And if I am sad, I can't even imagine how you feel. Anna is such a sweet girl (slightly destructive but sweet!).

Looking so forward to tomorrow. Pasta, pasta, pasta!

Mick & James said...

slightly destructive? LMAO

See you nuts tomorrow!

jon-n-tracey said...

Hi Matt and Kathy!

Thanks so much for your support over at our blog! It means a lot! Especially since we're in the same boat!

Sounds like you have a great support system.

I didn't realize there were so many Cantons in this world! China, Ohio, Georgia...

Roy and Lori said...

Sorry to hear about Anna leaving!

Hope you guys have fun tomorrow
night! Tell Lisa and Doug we
said hello!

Take care and have a great weekend!

amy said...

I so wish I could make it tomorrow night..Im bummed..We met Lilly tonight at the First Friday group!!!!

Thinking about you and the other November LIDes..Hope we can do lunch again soon!

Colleen said...

Oh that is so sad that she has left. :(

Glad you put a link to the new blog! Loves some new blogs!!