Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Exchange Students, Baby Gates and Terrified Yorkies

What do these things have in common? - Nothing, just the rambling thoughts in my head.

I got a call the other day and found out that two of the exchange students from China who were staying with other families actually bailed about a week before their departure. The girl left a note for her host mother and basically said that she was sorry that she had to leave like that but she just did. She packed up her stuff and left. The boy also did the same thing and they think the two of them are together, heading to California. I'm so thankful Anna didn't pull something like that and she actually left on the plane.

Speaking of Anna, the darling that she is, actually called us. We chatted on the phone for about an hour just catching up. It was quite a fun surprise and I'm so thrilled that she called. Her email isn't working so she called instead. I'm sure we'll be calling her soon. Now, if I can just figure out how to do that.

I've visited a couple houses lately who have children and trying to learn everything I can on how others have baby proofed, how they decorate and generally how things work. I need to make my home kid friendly and I see a bunch of gates in my future. Today I went to Randi's and closely looked at her brilliant idea for baby gates and stairs. We had talked about it before but today I really looked at it and even took pictures to show Matt. I hope you don't mind, Randi, that I posted photos but I think it's a fabulous idea and we're going to do it too.

One of our local families, John and Ann are heading to China on Thursday. Yes, like in two days. We're thrilled and can't wait until they come home with little Katie. That also happens to be the day that I'm going in for my crown on my tooth. She wouldn't trade with me though. Go figure.

I have one of the weirdest dogs. He is very afraid of other dogs and has been his whole life. They could lay on their backs in submission but he would still be scared to death. Within the last year or so, he has become terrified of the camera. He hates the flash of the camera and for some reason, finds comfort on my shoulder. He crawls up there and then he relaxes. (He's only 4 pounds so it's not bad.) I cuddle with him for awhile and then he's okay. Well, for the last few rain storms, he has been getting scared. I guess he is scared of the flashes of lightening. Poor guy, but what can I do but hold him and help him over his anxiety. Perhaps he's preparing me for motherhood.


Cindy and Brent said...

Thank the Lord we don't have stairs in our house because I cannot for the life of me understand those pictures! How does it work?!

Lisa and Doug said...

Oh yes - I can sympathize with you regarding fur baby anxiety. Asia is on kitty prozac as of this morning. Oh good Lord!

I have a lot of babyproofing to do myself!

Yes, Minister... said...

Whew ~ LiLi could do stairs and she has only fallen once and it was at the bottom landing which splits to go into the basement or garage. Only two steps! She did do a bumpity bump down the stairs from her bedroom once, but that was all on her back side. I think that freaked her out more than the fall into the basement. Randi is so creative!

I am so glad that Anna called you. I think she will remain a constant in your life. You and Matt played an import part in bring her up, and it is a year that she will never forget. THink back at the people who influenced you and it is role models that step in as parents that teens will remember. I hope that when you travel to bring home Chani ~ Anna will come to see you guys :D She is a very good girl!

I complete understand thise two students. One of the students in my MPA program did not want to go back and the government sent her husband over to fetch her. She had a little girl back in China. It was a very hard decision she was considering. They live under a very different system of rules and it make me very thanksful that we are not faced with "bailing" to enjoy the liberties this country offers.

Mick & James said...

They bailed? Seriously?

SEE! Now you know why we live in RANCH home...LOL.

Shayla's Mom said...

The stairs idea was a really good idea...thanks for sharing. I never would have thought of that!

Poor baby puppy! My dog is 5 lbs and pretty much rules this house and all people/pets in it!

Lisa (from Nov 2005 Blogroll)
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