Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blogger's Block

Blogger's Block - That's what I have. It's been well over a week since I last posted and I have done a ton of things that have been keeping me busy but nothing exciting enough to post about. I guess I'll start with my tooth.

I just started going to this dentist and for the first time, it was for a simple cleaning. During the cleaning, he advised me that I needed a crown. I hate it when I'm told that I need to fix something, especially if it's not broken. Anyhow, he knows more about teeth than I do, so I decided to go ahead and get it done. My second trip to him, he whittled it down and put on a temporary crown and ordered the permanent one which won't be here for another two weeks. I started having pain so the third time I went back, he fixed a rough spot, wrote out some prescriptions and sent me out the door with a referral to see another dentist to get a second look to see if perhaps I need a root canal. I called for that appt but they wanted the money up front to the tune of $1105 plus the consult of $85 and then would file the insurance for me and the insurance can reimburse me. I didn't like that idea so I made a different appointment with Mick's dentist who just did her root canal. So, that appt is coming up next week. I brought home the prescriptions and the referral sheet home because I was too lazy to go get them filled right then, and left them on the coffee table.

Matt plays tennis on a K-Swiss tennis team each season but this season didn't sign up. It was a fluke that the organizers called him to see if he would like to fill in and perhaps play this year. Since he was too late to pay the fee, they let him play this season for free. Score! (It's only $35 but still.) He received a phone call because each player contacts each other and sets up their game and then calls in their scores. Well, the guy's name sounded familiar to him and as he was on the phone, he glances down at my dental referral and it's my dentist!! - Coincidence! Anyhow, a few days later, he plays and lost the game. So, not only does the dentist take my money for my tooth, he takes my husband's pride for his game. Some guy he's turning out to be. Only kidding, I really do like the guy. - Okay, so that's the deal with my tooth.

Impromptu Road Trip - I called my Mom, out of the blue but she's not home so I called my sister and she tells me that Mom is vacationing in Tennessee. She just got a new cell phone but never turns it on. It's for emergencies. Nor does she know how to check messages so it's pretty useless at this point. I figure, she's only a few hours away and it would be a great opportunity to go see her. I called her on a whim and she answered, much to my surprise. We talked for about five minutes and found out that she was staying in Nashville. Only four hours away. So, within the next 45 minutes or so, I decided to go, packed my bags, kissed Matt goodbye, popped the ipod in my ears and headed to Nashville.

Once I turned off the interstate and came to my first stop light, this is what I saw. You might have to zoom in to see the name of the street.

Mom and Ed had just bought a brand new camper and this was their second time, I think, having it out on the road. It was super nice with three or four pop outs. The first evening we didn't do much except visit. The next day we toured the Belle Meade Plantation.

We later on went shopping and bought a few more outfits for Chani. Grandma picked them out so they are kind of special.

The second picture are outfits that I picked out and the last photo is the rest of the things that I bought, all for Matt and not a single item for me.

That brings me up to today. I'm heading Here (A Dinner A'Fare) to meet up with some friends to prepare some meals for the freezer. I'm heading out a little early so I can do some more shopping.


kris said...

UGH to that possible root canal. Why does that always seem to happen with crowns?? Is it a dental conspiracy? Same thing happened to me. Root canals bite. Literally.

As for your "sign"- GOOSEBUMPS!!!!

Yes, Minister... said...

Sounds like a good trip :D

I am excitied to see what you guys do at the cooking prep place. Wish I could have gone!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Cute clothes.. The sign is really cute ... how funny that you run into that..
Have a great weekend.

Lisa and Doug said...

I am so glad you got to see your mom! Sounds like you had a nice time.

Doug is gonna love the BBQ items you got for Matt!

LOVE that you saw Chaney Lane! Too cool!

Karen said...

Fellow GA blogger over here! We are in Rome. Just passing by! Great blog! We are LID almost 15 months. You are so close to your little one!