Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Referrals are coming

Referrals are finally coming in. Yippee!!! For those outside the adoption world, this means absolutely nothing. But, for those who are in the process, either prior to or already done, these days when they are come are simply amazing. When you start the process of adoption, reading about people getting referrals is pretty cool, knowing someday that you too will get your referral. The closer they get to your LID, the more fun it gets to be. I know that after your adoption trip is complete and you are home with your child, the referrals are still really cool when you get to see those you know receive their referral, or so I have been told. But, that brings me to our position of being close.

Matching has been done through November 1. Even though it's just one day into the month, the peacefulness of having it be "my" month is so calming. Sure, we're the last day and it could be another three to four months before it's our turn, but I know that it's coming. I also know that with our agency only, we're "next". Another cool fact, however many months it takes to get there.

Now, when someone from your monthly group (Ours being November, 2005) finally receives their referral, you are so excited. You connect with these people through swapping, blogging, and emails. When you hear how estatic and happy they are when their turn comes you are simply thrilled for them. Congrautlations to Colleen & Jim and to Joyce & Eric. I know there are others out there who I feel I "know" but haven't posted yet so I congratulate you early.

Now, when its time for someone that you actually know and have met, this is truly amazing. It is pure joy for me anyway, to see this happen for someone I know. Today is one of those days. Ann and John are expecting their call any time today. I know them through our local waiting adoption group. Without this group, I'd be totally lost in this wait. I know they are waiting and are nervous wrecks today. I keep checking emails to see if they have posted but not yet. We're waiting with you guys!

I think I am a selfish person and it just blows me away as to how so unselfish I feel about this. I NEVER would have thought I would feel this happy for someone else to get what I have been wanting for so long. I suppose knowing that my time is coming helps a great deal. I can honestly say that I am truly happy and estatic for everyone receiving their referrals this week and offer a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!


stephanie said...

I beg to differ. Selfish is the last thing I would think of about you.

I'm so happy they are finally in your month!!! It must be the best feeling knowing they are getting so close to your lid.

Lisa and Doug said...

This is OUR MONTH girl! Can you believe it? So exciting! And you are the complete opposite of selfish! You are sweet and so giving.

I am sooo happy for Ann and John! And for Colleen and Jim! And to everyone else getting referrals this week!

Yes, Minister... said...

Ditto Stephanie! I don't think that I will ever get over referrals! it is become something worth looking forward to each month!

This is your month! May the CCAA get the Chani quickly!

Mick & James said...

Come on BABIES!!!

amy said...

What a fun and emotional day!