Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy and Emily for lunch. We met at my usual spot for meeting other adoptive moms, O'Charley's, only this was a different location. Emily is so cute and seems so happy, even though she is sick. She learned a new skill of screaming right then and Amy did a fantastic job of quieting her down. I only hope that my instinct of what do in these situations kicks in once Chani gets here. Amy made it look so easy but I fear that I'll just stare at her with a dumb look and not know what to do. I hope no one will notice how goofy I will look with a child and I hope that I won't scar her for life. Here are a couple pictures from that day.

Then, on Thursday, I went over to Mick's "Labor Camp" to take her to lunch and surprised her with having Lisa come along. We then hit Chick-fil-A (you know I had to look that up!) for a quick, well, not so quick bite, and then a stop at Babies R Us. My intention was to go pick up a gift that I wanted to get for Lisa's shower because the BRU closest to me didn't have it in stock. But, low and behold, just after making plans to go to the one near Mick, I checked the registry and found out that someone purchased it! Rats! But, I still had to hit BRU and it never fails, I always end up leaving with less money than I went in with. I always have a great deal of fun with the girls. Thanks you two for a wonderful afternoon.

Friday I had to myself and finished with the cupboards in the kitchen. Every single one has been scrubbed, from top to bottom, everything inside has been washed and vinyl shelf liner installed. It sure felt good to get that complete. I still need to clean the light fixtures, windows and floors next. I do have a problem and perhaps someone out there reading might know the answer to this. We have hardwood floors and we bought a large rug and put it on top of one of those rubber skid mat things. Well, the rug was too hard to keep clean so out it went, along with the rubber skid thing. Well, that thing left a mark on the floor. It has a waffle pattern and I can't seem to get it off. Anyone have any idea how to clean it off? Thanks for any suggestions.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I also want to wish all the new mothers out there a great day and to all the waiting mothers to be, I hope you have a great day too, knowing that your little one is out there somewhere.


Lisa and Doug said...

I had a wonderful time seeing you and Mick (as usual)! We always have a great time together.

Love the pictures of Emily and Amy. Emily is a doll!

Yes, Minister... said...

Sunds like a wonderful time ~ doubled! Little Emily is adorable! You will be amazed at how fast those instincts kick in and you handle every thing little Miss Chani does. I can't think of anyone better prepared than you :D

Mick & James said...

Emily's adorable! I'm impressed as Amy finds the time to still put on her make-up so beautifully. LOL.

You'll be fine mom, Kathy. No worries...