Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco De Mayo

~~The Future Mommy Club ~~
Last night, a small group of us gathered together to drink celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Planning on a crowded restaurant, we opted for a late lunch/early dinner at 4pm. Much to our surprise, they were empty! So, we pretty much had the place to ourselves with only a couple others having dinner. We had yummy cheese dips, Mexican dishes and of course margaritas. Our dinner lasted three hours and I think the staff was really wanting us to get out of there. So, since we were all full and drunk feeling good, we decided to go bowling.

We followed each other to an old bowling alley to where we didn't even know if they were still open but wow, were they ever. They had like 50 lanes. I've never been in a bowling alley that big before. Perhaps, it's just that I don't go bowling all that much but wow! Anna did really well with her first time, bowling a 60. We won't say how many I did.

We ended our evening there, in the parking lot with the usual hugs & goodbyes and headed home to a poor little boy who desperately wanted to go outside!

I forgot my camera again so once some are posted from others who did, hint, hint, I'll steal borrow them so you can all see what fun we had.


stephanie said...

Lucky you. We didn't have the same luck with the Mexican restaurant we chose last night. It was so crowded that we opted for PF Changs instead.

Lisa and Doug said...

We had a blast, didn't we? I so enjoyed drinking, um, I mean, celebrating with you! Too much fun!

Mick & James said...

Yeee Hawww... I mean Olé!

Georgia said... sure are a light weight!!! :-)