Monday, May 28, 2007

Last Night's Dinner Plans

"Please join us for our first annual
Redneck BBQ
Memorial Day weekend for some BBQ and Beer.
So bring your teeth and a hearty appetite"

So, this is what we did last night. Such class my friends have!! LOL (Just kidding guys!) You know I loved it!!!

I didn't get any photos but the others did and once they upload them, I'm gonna snag em and put em up here. So ya see, I fit right along with them. Seriously, though, Mick and James, we had a fabulous time and I LOVED those licorice tasting shots! Yum! Thanks so much for having us and providing the movies for the girls!

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Today we've decided to head south of Atlanta to visit the Georgia Renaissance Festival. We've done this a couple of times and it's like once you've done it, you've done it. But, we needed something to do as a family for our last family day together so the festival is it.

I've been up since 3:30, thanks to this little brat. Then, of course, I can't get back to sleep so this should make for a fun day. Guess I feel about as good as he looks in this shot.

I've been in a funk this last week. I've tried to keep busy but it all just seems so depressing. Maybe the reality of Anna leaving is starting to hit. I'm feeling like an old mother hen, as my Dad used to say. I tell her we'll see each other again but in all reality, we probably never will. This is sad. I've had this young girl under my wings for a year now and it's hard to let go. Even though it will be nice to have our lives back to normal, it's still hard and sad. She leaves tomorrow, so for today, I put on a brave face and try to make her last full day with us a happy one.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not much to talk about

It is Saturday and I've been trying to spend as much time with Anna as I can. We ran out Wednesday evening to Joann's and then to Michaels to pick up some art canvases. I wanted twelve for a project. We had to hit both stores to get enough and we actually ended up with 18 or so. Anyhow, while Anna went to school on Thursday, I got to work painting the background. Her job was to then paint a Chinese Character on each of them. We should be able to finish them up today.

Later on tonight, we are heading over to Susan's for a last dinner with them. That should be fun. We're bringing her exchange student, Lily, home with us for the evening so she can participate in tomorrow's activities.

Tomorrow, we're heading to Mick's for a Redneck Bar-B-Que. Both girls will be going with us and enjoying that and their pool. It sounds like it's going to be tons of fun!

Monday will be our last full day with her and it will be just the three of us doing something fun. I don't quite know what that will be yet but we'll do something. Then, on Tuesday, she leaves, back to Taiwan. It is going to be a hard day for me. I suppose I will feel the way a parent does when their child goes off to college or moves out that very first time. Although, I know it's not as hard as having your own child go vs an exchange student you've only known for a year.

Wow, I asked and now I have received. Thank you guys for posting the comments and letting me know that you are here. There are a couple that posted but didn't link back to a blog address. So, if I haven't visited you blog, please post the address so I can.

Monday, May 21, 2007


So, I've been noticing that I'm getting tons of hits on my site but so few leave comments. If you do read it, please let me know that you have been here, even if only to say hi, I was here. Reading the comments is the most fun part of blogging for me. (Lisa S, you're an exception! HA!)

Okay, first of all, well, I guess, second of all, we've been really busy with all the wonderful activities going on.

Starting with Saturday, I went to Lisa's baby shower and what a beautiful shower it was. Her sister Amy and her Mom really went all out with the awesome planning down the last details on matching decorations, coordinating everything and pulling it all together. Kudos to you guys for a great party!! You did a fantastic job. Lisa, you looked smashing in your new red flowy shirt and all the smiles and laughter was such a joy after such a long wait. Now, bring on the referrals!!

After the shower, Lisa S. and I headed to Beef O'Brady's for some dinner before heading home. I can't believe that we sat there yapping until 9:00. Thanks Lisa, I had a great time.

I then came home to a house full of teenage girls. Ya see, Anna had her Farewell party that same night. Poor Matt had to coordinate things for a few hours while I was out enjoying some time away. He had them watching Edward Scissorhands and playing badmitton. They seemed to be having a good time.


On Sunday, I got up and went to make the girls pancakes for breakfast, only to find that we didn't have any pancake mix. Oh no! What to do?? Then it hit me, duh, Kath, just make them from scratch. I've gotten so lazy about cooking lately that it seems everything I do starts with a box. It only took a few minutes more but I do think it was well worth it. They turned out pretty well and the girls gobbled them all up. But don't ask me to make the maple syrup from scratch.

After all the girls left, we headed to Buckhead to go to an art auction. Of course, we couldn't leave with the same amount of money we went in with but we did end up with two new pieces. We just need to build some more walls to hold them! That took us through most of Sunday and now we're back to a new week and planning for the next one.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuesday's Lunch and Anna's Birthday

This week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Deb and Lisa. Deb prepared a wonderful tri-tip steak lunch, fresh off the grill. It was yummy! It was fun seeing the girls splash around with the water and finally, watching Maisie get into the pool for the first time by her self. She then got out and in and out, you get the picture. Deb takes such wonderful photos of the girls but I can't seem to figure out how to bring them to my blog so you can check them out by following the links up above.

Yesterday was Anna's 17th birthday. She is soooo close to becoming an adult and thinks that she is sooooooo old. She just can't believe that she is that old. One of the girls she hangs out with is "only" 14 which is a "whole" three years younger. She just can't believe it. LOL - Her foreign language club all pooled some money and bought her a little silver heart box from Thinks Remembered. They engraved it and gave it to her, singing Happy Birthday to her. She was a little embarassed with all the fuss. We took her out for dinner at Outback and then came home to a birthday cake. She wanted to know where I got the cake. Well, I told her that I made it. It was a boxed cake but I did make the frosting from scratch. The things that impress them. :)

On Tuesdays, Anna fixes dinner. I help her by telling her how to prepare things. Last week, we did pancakes. She said she didn't know that you could make pancakes with flour like that. She thought they only came frozen.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy and Emily for lunch. We met at my usual spot for meeting other adoptive moms, O'Charley's, only this was a different location. Emily is so cute and seems so happy, even though she is sick. She learned a new skill of screaming right then and Amy did a fantastic job of quieting her down. I only hope that my instinct of what do in these situations kicks in once Chani gets here. Amy made it look so easy but I fear that I'll just stare at her with a dumb look and not know what to do. I hope no one will notice how goofy I will look with a child and I hope that I won't scar her for life. Here are a couple pictures from that day.

Then, on Thursday, I went over to Mick's "Labor Camp" to take her to lunch and surprised her with having Lisa come along. We then hit Chick-fil-A (you know I had to look that up!) for a quick, well, not so quick bite, and then a stop at Babies R Us. My intention was to go pick up a gift that I wanted to get for Lisa's shower because the BRU closest to me didn't have it in stock. But, low and behold, just after making plans to go to the one near Mick, I checked the registry and found out that someone purchased it! Rats! But, I still had to hit BRU and it never fails, I always end up leaving with less money than I went in with. I always have a great deal of fun with the girls. Thanks you two for a wonderful afternoon.

Friday I had to myself and finished with the cupboards in the kitchen. Every single one has been scrubbed, from top to bottom, everything inside has been washed and vinyl shelf liner installed. It sure felt good to get that complete. I still need to clean the light fixtures, windows and floors next. I do have a problem and perhaps someone out there reading might know the answer to this. We have hardwood floors and we bought a large rug and put it on top of one of those rubber skid mat things. Well, the rug was too hard to keep clean so out it went, along with the rubber skid thing. Well, that thing left a mark on the floor. It has a waffle pattern and I can't seem to get it off. Anyone have any idea how to clean it off? Thanks for any suggestions.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I also want to wish all the new mothers out there a great day and to all the waiting mothers to be, I hope you have a great day too, knowing that your little one is out there somewhere.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Dental Visit

Okay, so Mick and I must be on the same wave length with our teeth. Although I haven't been in pain like she has or need a root canal, I just went in for a regular ole cleaning. Now, I have two more appointments scheduled to go back. The one is six months out but who knows where I'll be at that time, China perhaps, or better off, home. But, the other one is the one that I'm not liking too much. The dentist told me that I need a crown put on. They whittle down your tooth and place a fake tooth on top of it. They cement it in and off you go. I'm not too sure I like this idea. They brought out a model and they had gold and silver teeth. I said NO, I don't want a gold tooth. They can do porcelain ones so that's what I opted to do. The last time I went to the dentist, (a different one) to just get a cleaning, I was advised to have an old filling replaced. Mind you, it wasn't causing me any pain or any problems, whatsoever but he talked me into having it done. Now, this is the one that needs the crown. Why is that the last two times I've been to get a simple cleaning that there is major, well major to me, work to be done and there is NO pain or problem. What happened to the old saying, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it!"

Does anyone out there have a crown? If so, did it hurt or are you having problems with it now?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco De Mayo

~~The Future Mommy Club ~~
Last night, a small group of us gathered together to drink celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Planning on a crowded restaurant, we opted for a late lunch/early dinner at 4pm. Much to our surprise, they were empty! So, we pretty much had the place to ourselves with only a couple others having dinner. We had yummy cheese dips, Mexican dishes and of course margaritas. Our dinner lasted three hours and I think the staff was really wanting us to get out of there. So, since we were all full and drunk feeling good, we decided to go bowling.

We followed each other to an old bowling alley to where we didn't even know if they were still open but wow, were they ever. They had like 50 lanes. I've never been in a bowling alley that big before. Perhaps, it's just that I don't go bowling all that much but wow! Anna did really well with her first time, bowling a 60. We won't say how many I did.

We ended our evening there, in the parking lot with the usual hugs & goodbyes and headed home to a poor little boy who desperately wanted to go outside!

I forgot my camera again so once some are posted from others who did, hint, hint, I'll steal borrow them so you can all see what fun we had.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Referrals are coming

Referrals are finally coming in. Yippee!!! For those outside the adoption world, this means absolutely nothing. But, for those who are in the process, either prior to or already done, these days when they are come are simply amazing. When you start the process of adoption, reading about people getting referrals is pretty cool, knowing someday that you too will get your referral. The closer they get to your LID, the more fun it gets to be. I know that after your adoption trip is complete and you are home with your child, the referrals are still really cool when you get to see those you know receive their referral, or so I have been told. But, that brings me to our position of being close.

Matching has been done through November 1. Even though it's just one day into the month, the peacefulness of having it be "my" month is so calming. Sure, we're the last day and it could be another three to four months before it's our turn, but I know that it's coming. I also know that with our agency only, we're "next". Another cool fact, however many months it takes to get there.

Now, when someone from your monthly group (Ours being November, 2005) finally receives their referral, you are so excited. You connect with these people through swapping, blogging, and emails. When you hear how estatic and happy they are when their turn comes you are simply thrilled for them. Congrautlations to Colleen & Jim and to Joyce & Eric. I know there are others out there who I feel I "know" but haven't posted yet so I congratulate you early.

Now, when its time for someone that you actually know and have met, this is truly amazing. It is pure joy for me anyway, to see this happen for someone I know. Today is one of those days. Ann and John are expecting their call any time today. I know them through our local waiting adoption group. Without this group, I'd be totally lost in this wait. I know they are waiting and are nervous wrecks today. I keep checking emails to see if they have posted but not yet. We're waiting with you guys!

I think I am a selfish person and it just blows me away as to how so unselfish I feel about this. I NEVER would have thought I would feel this happy for someone else to get what I have been wanting for so long. I suppose knowing that my time is coming helps a great deal. I can honestly say that I am truly happy and estatic for everyone receiving their referrals this week and offer a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!