Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Georgia Waits Group Potluck

Last night we had our local adoptive group gather for a great potluck at Georgia and Jeff's We had a great turn out with so many there, even a few new ones. We had tons of great food, drinks and the weather was beautiful. All of Georgia and Jeff's flowers were so pretty with a secluded back yard. We all loved their porch! Seeing the girls, Joy, Ashley and Maisie all running around the back yard was a real treat for all of us waiting for our own little girls. The teens were busy with make up and I think all the adults had a great time. Again, a HUGE thank you to Georgia and Jeff for hosting this month. I'm really looking forward to the next one.


Lisa and Doug said...

It was a great potluck! Thank you so much Georgia and Jeff! And thank you Kathy for organzing!

Mick & James said...

I so wanna buy that house back there, Jeff's our new contractor... LOL