Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Ergo & The Doctor

Wow, that was fast. It arrived on my doorstep within a day or two of them sending it. Don't ya just love fast service. I pulled it out and I love the color. It's much prettier in person that it is on their photos. They even sent a DVD that shows you how to change it from back to front and then with a little more adjustment, to the hip. I'll probably take back the Hip Hammock because who needs two? I can't wait to try it out.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Amy. A newly DTC Mom to be. Hopefully soon they will have their LID and be set for the long wait.

While I was close to Target, I had a couple returns to make. I had purchased some of those door locks with the strips and some just for knobs but neither of them seemed to work for me so I ended up taking them back. My knobs were just too far apart. I am still on a search for the magnetic ones that attach with sticky pads vs screws. I'll look for them at BRU tomorrow.

The final thing I did yesterday was to go visit another pediatrician. A few of the women in my Bunco group gave me his name so I called for a meet and greet visit. This one is much closer and I had heard so many good things about him and his wife. They gave me an appt time of 4:45.

We get there and find that it looks like an old house that was turned into an office. It's in a commercial area but it's crowded and not much parking. We go in and they had two tiny waiting rooms with about 5 chairs each. They asked if we were there for the prenatal visit. I told them no and explained why we were there. (Apparently, that's what they call the M&G.) They handed us a sheet of paper, explaining how the doctor just had brain surgery but was doing really well and had an excellent prognosis. They also gave us the book "Your Baby's First Year" (Later we were told that it wouldn't apply to us but we could keep it anyway. - Gee thanks!)

There were two sick kids ahead of us so we waited. I chatted with a mother who was there with her teenage girl. She said she really liked this doctor so I was really excited to have found them so close to us.

Once we were called, we were taken to an exam room where there were only two chairs so one of us had to stand the entire visit. His wife proceeds to tell us about his surgery. Okay. When the doctor gets there, he tells us a little bit about his surgery and then we ask our questions. One of those questions was if he would prescribe medications for us to take to China without him actually seeing her first. He said on adoption cases where it's not possible for him to examine her, then yes, he would but he made it a point that I couldn't call him up and say that she has strep throat and ask him to prescribe medication over the phone. He also made it a point that he wouldn't send a medication like morphine with me to China. What?? Hello?? Are you serious?? No doctor in their right mind would send morphine to a child he had never seen, or let me self diagnose something like strep over the phone. I mean, I thought you could NOT confirm it was strep without a throat culture. Yet he seemed to think that those were what we were asking of him. He was pretty condescending.

He told us that South America was a better place to adopt because they are healthier and have better medical records. He even went on to say that China's medical records are all lies and that he would start over with all the immunizations. The turn around time for the initial, referral paperwork viewing would be up to two DAYS.

He told us that he had been in practice with his wife and had been for so many years. She has some sort of degree but I can't remember what she is. He told us that she isn't a medical doctor but she is still called doctor, just like a dentist or a chiropractor. He also mentioned that everything has to go through him.

It's only him and his wife in the practice but when he has to go on vacation to Disneyland, he has a colleague come in and look after his patients. He also told us that there were many in the field and it basically boiled down to whether we liked them or not.

He then went on to brag about how he helps new doctors, just out of medical school, find real estate and set up their own practice for a modest fee.

As I was finished with my questions, I turned to Matt to see if he had any but then the doctor abruptedly ended the conversation and the appointment. Guess he had patients to see.

As we walked out, I asked Matt what he thought. Let's just say that he is happy with our first pediatrician, even if we have to drive 20 minutes to get to him. I'm really glad we didn't have to pay for this consult and I kept the book!


Lisa and Doug said...

WOW - that was some doctor's appointment! Hee, hee!

Wish I could have made the lunch yesterday!

I am getting one of those carriers!!!

stephanie said...

Yikes with the doctor! I hope I don't run into so much difficulty 5 years from now when I get my referral :).

RoLo said...

NIGHTMARE!! I definately like the Dr you met a while back and blogged about.

Yes, Minister... said...

OMG - I think I would have walked out when he started in on the Chinese meds! "Unfortunitly", you still have time to look.

amy said...

Interesting story! Holy Cow!

Michaela said...

I wouldn't take my child to this doctor either. Not to sound mean, but maybe he didn't fully recover from his surgery yet.

Leda said...

I just used the Ergo in China and I loved it. Kaylee is moving 24/7 and she wasn't going *ANYWHERE* in that thing. I traveled alone and I called it her trap. It was really comfortable, and I had previously hated all types of those carriers. Now I use it when we are out and about at home. I got the cranberry and black one, but I was deciding between that and the one you chose :)