Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lunch on Friday

On Friday, I had a great time having lunch with Deb, Ian and LiLi. But, before that, the three of us girls took a trip to Babies R Us and looked at the different options in high chairs. Having never had a child before and looking at the huge line of them can be quite intimidating. Trying to figure out how to do something, yet not even knowing what it is that you're wanting to do, makes me feel like a complete idiot. Who knew that you could move the seat to several positions, or that the foot rests actually have different positions, well, except for like every mother in the world. I had no clue about these things. Reading about them is one thing but actually pushing the right buttons and having it work was really something. I'm so glad that I took Deb, the wonderful mother that she is, up on her offer to test out the chairs with LiLi. She was such a good sport at sitting in the chairs. I decided that I do like the Fisher Price one, well, all except for the pattern on the seat but I will "try" to make a new one if that one really does bother me. So, on the registry it will stay. We nixed the Eddie Bauer one due to a number of reasons. I still have the Fisher Price booster chair and will use that one too.

Poor LiLi, though, wouldn't have anything to do with the carrier. I don't really blame her. I wouldn't want to be held in that thing either. But, I'll still take it to China with me and try to use it while there.

Deb also has a cool stroller that I really like too. I may end up getting that one instead of the zippy for about 1/2 the price.

I ended up buying about 4 outfits but feared the reaction of my better half. But, I took a deep breath and said, "Look at all I got, honey." His response, "It's not as bad as you usually do." - Whew, off the hook again :)

After lunch we went back to Deb's and watched the kids play in the bubble machine. Another thing to put on my list. It was really a lot of fun for the kids and for us, watching them.

Thank you again Deb for a wonderful and enlightening afternoon.


Yes, Minister... said...

Anytime - We had a great time :D

Glad to know that Matt was okay with the outfits - they were super cute! Dan only knows about two on the ones I bought, he'll find out soon enough and has learned not to ask!

Lisa and Doug said...

Sounds like LiLi was a great helper! I am glad that Matt was cool about the outfits you bought!

Georgia said...

So what was the stroller???