Monday, April 16, 2007

Ergo Carrier

Okay, I finally decided on the Ergo vs the Walking Rock Farm carrier. It was a tough decision but I finally did and ordered it. It should arrive within the next day or two. I'm gonna get our scuba weights and pop in there and walk around to see how it feels. I also bought the hip hammock and will try to practice with that too. Here's a photo of the one I chose.

Now I'm thinking about a highchair. hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

I like the reviews of this one.
FP Healthy Care High Chair

But like the looks of this one.
Eddie Bauer High Chair

I have this one but don't know if it will be sufficient.
FP Healthy Care Booster

Any opinions??


Yes, Minister... said...

If you want to borrow LiLi she is 25 pounds and love the Ergo! I end up with three carriers and that is the only one she would do ;-)

Kathy ---- DON't do the Eddie Bauer highchair - it does not have wheels on it and you will end up breaking your back lifting her in it or ruining the floors draging it - I don't have the Eddie Bauer, but I am speaking from experience and that is the first thing I looked for. Also, you want a highchair that recline easily. LiLi's does not and ends up waking her every time I try to recline her. Call me if you would like to come over and do a test run with LiLi, I wish I had :-(

I have that exact booster seat and LOVE it! I can strap it to literally any chait ~ even the bar stools and she is safe.

Lisa and Doug said...

I am definitely getting the Ergo carrier! I just haven't ordered it yet!

I want to get that booster seat too!

Michaela said...

We had a baby carrier, but only used it once. Richard was too afraid Jarod would fall out (LOL). It wasn't all that comfortable either.
All we had was a booster seat, similar to the one you have - that was all we needed.

Beverly said...

Loved our ergo carrier and still use it. If you travel in the summer be aware that no matter which you use it will be hot. I have a booster chair and love it. That is all we use at my mother's house. We use the high chair (handmedown) without the tray pushed up to the table. Glenys figured out how to climb into it before she turned 2 so now she can get her self in and almost out of it.


Georgia said...

Ooooh! I want the Ergo, too! Only not in Black. With all the kitties around here, black is not a safe color. But if cat hair weren't an issue, I would have chosen the same colors you did.

I'm also thinking about a mei tai. Or a sling depending on how young Zoe is. I'm so glad so many of you will be able to give me proper reviews!

Don't know about high chairs, I'm not that far yet.

Colleen said...

I registered for the booster seat. (also a highchair) Got the highchair at my shower last week - think I am returning it - there is just no room. My Mom is having another shower for me next week - so I'll get the booster then and think i am sticking with just that.

Leda said...

I have the Eddie Bauer booster chair - looks like the highchair there, but it's a booster. it's good so far, the only thing I don't like is you can't fit a regular size plate on the tray. Often I just take the tray off and scoot her right up to the table with the boys. But she's more of a toddler, and you may have a baby baby. It does match too and isn't quite as obnoxious as some highchairs...

Leda said...

PS. Not sure if you were serious about the blog header, but if you want me to try to make one for you, email me at leda m perry at yahoo dot com

If I made it, do you know how to insert it into your blogger code?

Mrs. U said...

Hi there!!
I have the Ergo and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I can wear my Elizabeth all day long and my back does NOT hurt at all. I highly recommend it!!!

We also have the Eddie Bauer high chair and LOVE it, too!! It moves easily enough and I feel that it's VERY sturdy. My parents have a plastic high chair (Graco??)and it feels very flimsy.

Just my two cents worth.

Mrs. U
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