Friday, March 23, 2007

Washing windows

Okay, so what do you do when you can't reach the windows to wash. Getting out the extention ladder and moving it back and forth would be a two person job, or, a royal pain in the butt. So, I had Matt buy that Windex window washer stuff that hooks onto your garden hose. It's not too impressive but it did get some soap up there where it never would have otherwise gone and slid down the window. I don't think it did too great of a job. My mom suggested that I use a small part of ammonia and mix it with water and try that. Has anyone ever had success with that? She said that it doesn't streak and I can use it on most anything that I would use Windex on. I need something that I don't have to wipe off or scrub. - Anyway, I did get the top row of windows done. Yeah!

We're still waiting on our I-797c to arrive but nothing yet. I know they received it early January. They sent the receipt and also have cashed the check. It has only been about 80 days or so. Mick sent hers in a couple weeks after mine to the same office and has received hers. I'm wondering where ours could be. Lisa sent hers in a couple weeks before we did and she has had hers back for about a month. I suppose I should just be patient and know that it will be coming soon. I still have plenty of time but oh, the peace of mind it would bring. I just wonder if perhaps they got the wrong address and sent it to the old one. I'll dig into it in a couple of weeks.

My mom wants to have a family reunion in August!! - I'm like Mom, I can't. I'll hopefully be in China then or fairly close to it. Once we are home, I won't want to travel either. So, I've been looking at places between all of us so we can get together possibly in late June, early July and between referral, showers and travel meetings but have been unsuccessful so far. The search continues.


stephanie said...

My suggestion for the windows would be to hire someone :). I dread having to deal with the Atlanta office of the USCIS again. That is so frustrating that they don't process them by date. Grrrrrr!

Lisa and Doug said...

I am so sorry you don't have your I-797 back yet. That sucks! I am sure you will get it soon.

As for the windows, I hired a company called the Window Gang last year and they did a great job! They cleaned my foyer chandelier too!

Georgia said...

Windex is really just blue colored ammonia ,isn't it?

We got our 797-C the day after Mick.

We sent our I-600A and the check in early Jan. Our fingerprints were late Jan. And our Homestudy update was sent early Feb. It only took us 6 weeks from the final step.

I hope you get it soon, but I wouldn't wait that long to look into it.