Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Intentions...blah blah blah

Okay, so I promised to blog more but that obviously hasn't happened. Don't know why, perhaps just nothing interesting to say. Not that I ever have anything interesting to say or even to say now, but here goes.

In anticipation of our upcoming cruise, yesterday, Matt and I went to our favorite dive shop and handed over our gear for our annual service, new batteries, etc. We can never leave that shop without spending huge amounts of money so to stay true to that statement, in addition to the servicing, my big purchase yesterday was a new wetsuit. The guys, (Matt and Wyatt, the store owner) talked me into a 5 MIL suit. I'm thinking all the while, I'm going to be so hot on the boat. Not sexy hot, but sweating like a pig hot. Once we get in the water, I'll be nice and toasty but getting to that point won't be fun, especially if the air temp is in the 80's or above. Here is a stock picture of the suit.
Mine is black and gray and stretches quite a bit and is pretty flexible. With this amount of neoprene though, I will have to increase my weights which I don't really want to do. But, for the flexibility and warmth, I suppose it's a good trade off. Anyway, we'll see how it performs in the warm waters of Hawaii.

We booked two dive trips on two different Hawaiian islands. We tried for a third but it was booked already. I'd love to go diving more so perhaps we'll find a local dive shop while we're on the island and book it ourselves. We've done it both ways, with the cruise ship excursions and on our own. It's nice having the ship do it so we don't have to worry about anything except being there on time. However, they tend to be a little more expensive than going out on our own. Sometimes, it's just worth it.

This is our "anniversary trip that ends with the "e" sound." We had to put it off a couple weeks due to scheduling with Anna's school. On our actual anniversary, we went to Startime Comedy Club and saw John Heffron. He was hilarious. If you ever get the chance, I'd highly recommend seeing him, especially if you're mid to late 30s and married. The microphone wasn't working and he ad libbed so well. He is probably the funniest comedian I have ever heard.

That's about all that has happened this week.


stephanie said...

What do you mean nothing interesting to say??? Not true! I know nothing about scuba diving but that looks like one fancy suit there!

Have a fabulous time in Hawaii!

Colleen said...

I LOVE John Heffron.....he's freakin hilarious!!

Oooh - Hawaii. Never been. Last trip before your family grows. Odd to think - isn't it?

Lisa and Doug said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! Make sure you take lots of pictures!

That dive suits looks really neat. See, I can't go diving because I don't think I could squeeze my butt in one of those - LOL!

Yes, Minister... said...

Ditto Staphanie! I wish I knew more about diving - the couple at dinner on our cruise were divers and it sounded so exciting! Not to mention Hawaii! Have a blast!

Janet said...

I so know how Wyatt can talk you into buying a ton! :-) Hope your new suit works great. We haven't been diving in so long and I miss it. Have fun!

Also glad to read your home study is being processed!