Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weird Items Around The House

Okay, so I scouted around the house yesterday and this is what I found. I'm sure there are many more but here are the ones that stick out.

Okay, this first one is my bathrobe hook. It won't stay tight and I haven't taken the time to find a teeny tiny screwdriver to tighten it. It is tight up like this and it works so...

This one is a sticker that is between the glass. When they built the house, they left this on and now it is enclosed inside and I can't remove it.

This is a wider shot of the window.

This is our lovely conforter/throw pillows, shams etc. All the wonderful new bedroom set that I recently bought, stuck behind the closet door. We just don't use them so here they sit. What a waste!

Here is a "thing" that I got Matt for Xmas this year. It is a stuffed animal from Monty Python. It has a guy on a ribbon coming out of his mouth that you can pull. He also has about 20 wiggle eyes that all move on it's face.

Matt's father started this monkey business many years ago and now we have many monkeys around the house. Here is our monkey lamp.

and another set of monkeys.

The last photo is of our hill in our back yard. We don't get a lot of snow here in Georgia so it's only a little bit weird. This amount closed down all the schools in the area.


Lisa and Doug said...

You got more snow than where I am!

I love the monkey items! Too funny!

Mick & James said...

Do you have a license for dat minky?

RoLo said...

"We are the Knights of Ni"

Love the Monty Python monster:) We are MP fans:)