Friday, February 23, 2007

Valentine's Day

Since we were heading out of town just after Valentine's Day, I told Matt not to get me flowers. He obliged and did not. However, he did get me a Precious Moments figurine. He started this collection many years ago and tries to get a themed one to go for the occasion. He purchased several one year and has them in hiding until a special occasion or holiday arises. Well, the one he gave me this time was one of those that he had purchased a few years ago. The top of the wagon comes off and sticking out of it was a ribbon that said, "A Special Surprise for you." I took off the top and there was a small silk bag tied up with this ribbon sticking out. I felt a ring inside and I was like, whoa, you got me a ring?? He was like huh, with a dumb expression on his face. Later I found out he was thinking to himself, did I buy her something, put it in there and forget about it? Well, inside, there was a ring that did come with the figurine. It's a cheesy little heart with a small cubic zirconia. It was pretty funny but that was my gift.

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Lisa and Doug said...

It's so cute! That was so sweet of Matt!