Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One Hundred

Yep, 100 posts to keep me occupied while waiting to travel to China. Wouldn't you know it, it's about shopping!!

Is it just me or does getting older make you late for things? I never used to be late, always arriving early, etc. Lately though, it seems like I can't even get the simplest thing accomplished on time. For instance, the sale this last weekend. I fully intended to arrive at 8:45ish, a little before the doors opened. I had the directions all printed and hanging on the door, ready for me to grab them on the way out the door. I had glanced at it the night before and saw that it said 30 minutes so I was ready by 8:15 and walking out the door. Then, I realized that it said 30 miles but 45 minutes. What?!? So I had to step on it to get there which I managed to do it in plenty of time but little things like this keep happening to me. I don't much like getting older.

Anyway, back to the shopping. Lisa, Mick, Amy and I all met for some awesome sales. A lot of people turn up their noses at buying second hand things. I know I did in the beginning. But, this is really something else. First of all, babies grow so fast and will only wear or use something for a very short time so most everything looks really good. There are a lot of items that still have tags attached. Or, sometimes, you can find high end dresses like Baby Lulu for $2.50 which I snagged at this last sale, thanks to Mick! Folks, these dresses sell for $65 - $80 in a boutique and they all look brand new. Now, granted there were others there for $30, with tags still attached but I wouldn't go there. Our rule is under $5 for an outfit unless it's really, really cute and new looking. Again, thanks to my friends who made me put back an $8 dress. You do look for fraying or stains and just put them back if they don't look perfect. The prices are really great too. In the Atlanta area, they have seasonal sales in the spring and fall. They also have tons of other things like toys galore and many, many other baby items. Plus, it's a lot of fun to find a great bargain. Here are some photos of the latest sale, again, thanks to Lisa and Mick.

We then went to a second sale that was in the neighborhood, doing a bit more damage and then, we ended our day at Mellow Mushroom. We had to wait twice as long for the pizza because the waiter didn't get it entered into the computer right but it didn't matter to us. We sat and talked and even sat and talked long after we finished eating. It was such a fun time and I am so lucky I am able to call these girls my friends.


Lisa and Doug said...

I had so much fun too! I love our girl days - they are the best!

No problem on making you put back the $8 dress - that's our job!

Yes, Minister... said...

How cool! Baby Chani is going to be the best dressed girl in Woodstock! Wait till you start pulling out the one you bought early on and slipping them on her ;-)

I love Baby LuLu and got my first one yesterday shopping with Lisa and Maisie! In fact, LiLi is earing in the photos I just posted on the blog!