Friday, February 02, 2007

More numbers

Okay, so my last month's prediction was right on the money. Do I think I'll be right next month? Probably not, but this month's did put a teeny tiny smirk on my face. Take that CCAA!

Anyway, I'm still counting on early June for our referral.

*We now have 48 days of LIDs ahead of us.
*We are No. 2 in line with our agency.
*There are 119 days left until June 1 which is my guess on referral.
*I removed 16 clips off my chain and there are 48 remaining. It's now off the floor!
*I made another with 119 so I could pull off one every day until June 1st.
*There are 17 Mondays left until June 1st. Will mark each of those somehow. Ideas?
*There are 15 days left until our cruise to the Bahamas with Anna.
*There are 55 days left until our second and final cruise/trip to Hawaii as a couple.
*I'll be turning 39 in another week. :(
*And, finally, 10 is the number of pounds I've lost this month.

I plan on keeping all these clips and giving them to her many years into the future and then she'll know how crazy & bored with the wait I really was.


Colleen said...

Sounds like you have some great things to keep you busy!!! Lets hope they finish October next time so then you will be in YOUR month. Its really quite surreal...

Lisa and Doug said...

I cannot wait until your chain is all gone! Bye-bye paperclips!

Congrats on 10 pounds down - that is fantastic!

RoLo said...

Love this post:) Congrats on the weight loss:)

Kim said...

Hawaii sounds very exciting! Congrats on your weight loss :)

stephanie said...

I think I found the 10 pounds you lost (eating everything in Italy) :). With all those exciting trips you have coming up, I have a feeling your referral will be here before you know it!