Monday, January 22, 2007

The Closet pictures

Here are some pictures of the closet that Matt has done so far.
These first pictures are what he has done so far on my side. He has yet to put in the shelf above the rod.

These first two are of the corner piece that was a difficult one to do. He is doing this by trial and error and it was his first piece that he has ever done. I think it's quite impressive.

This is the second piece that holds up the other end of the rod. Both of these pieces are made from Oak and stained.

This is the stand alone temporary rod on wheels that we have been using for a year. I did have both poles resting on this with the other ends resting on the cleats that he had installed already. Now just his rod is on it with the other end resting on the 1/2 door frame that goes into the small space under the slant of the roof.

This is Chani's bottom part to one piece of hers. Daddy is building her drawers that will go in these spots. Plus, a roll of border that we still need to put up in her closet.

This is the top half where he's going to put a couple of shelves. He has holes drilled all the way up so they can be adjusted. He'll also install a top shelf that will wrap around the corner and will be permanent. Her shelves are made from Aspen and will be painted.

This is Chani's temporary storage until the closet is done. These are her size 9 on the purple hangers and 12 spring, summer and fall outfits.

Chani's winter size 12 plus two size 9. All the white cubes are temporary and will be moved out, along with all the white plastic boxes. I will also remove all the junk hanging from her crib. That's just there for 'my' benefit for now.


RoLo said...

WOW Good Luck, look forward to the finished product, I really like those corner shelves.

Colleen said...

Whoa....and I thought I had a lot for Hannah. VERY NICE! Cannot wait to see it all done.

Georgia and Jeff said...

Poor little Chani....not a thing to wear!!