Thursday, January 25, 2007


I finally completed one of the projects that I swore I'd finish before Chani gets here. Since we moved into the new house, one year ago, I haven't done a thing with my craft room. All my stuff just has been sitting in the unfinished basement. Piles and piles of supplies. Well, I finally felt up to straightening it out so I did. At least one desk and my scrapbooking supplies. I organized and labeled and now know where things are. Remember, things are only temporary, waiting for Matt to finish the basement. I have no walls, nor hardly any storage so it's still a mess but I am able to work down there now. The project that I had started about a year ago was her scrapbook for her wishes for her 100 wishes quilt. I finally finished it. I have yet to start on the quilt and that will come next, once I figure out how to start. I still can add another page if I end up with more wishes. It does feel great to finally get it done. I have about 20 more projects that I want to get complete and am finally feeling ready to accomplish more. I'm off to lunch with the girls today so perhaps late this afternoon, I'll get back down there and get to work.


Leda Perry said...

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Thanks for stopping by!

Have fun at lunch!

Lisa and Doug said...

I had so much fun at lunch today! And you wishes scrapbook was beautiful!

Colleen said...

I just love organizing!!!

Mick & James said...

Ahem.... Is there a "FOR HIRE" sign on your door? LOL