Monday, January 08, 2007

16 and 63

I've been trying to guess as to when our referral will come. The last four months CCAA has averaged 16 calendar days per month of referrals. Over the last eight months, they have only averaged just under 14. There were a couple in there that only had nine days so that really hurt. IF they keep sending the referrals at the beginning of the month and staying on course with their latest four months averages, the earliest we could see a referral would be 4 more times which would be the beginning of May. The longer averages look like it would make it 5 more times and that could be the beginning of June.

While there are many factors that no one even knows that could change any of these numbers and make this mute, this is 'my' best guess as to when we'll get our referral. BTW, we have 63 days ahead of us.


Georgia and Jeff said...

I know it sounds far away, but it's not. It's really not. Only 5 more adoption gatherings. Only 5 more monthly bunco games. There's Chinese New Year/Easter/Lisa's and Cindy's referrals and then Chani!!

Mick & James said...

<----- hits the FF Button on her Time Machine.

Colleen said...

I can only hope (as all of us do) that they will SPEED UP! They've done it before...they can do it again.

I didn't know ya'll were with WHFC too! :-) I really like them.

Debbie & Kirk said...

I think they just have to speed up SOMETIME!!! They slowed down quick so hopefully they'll speed up quick.

(leaving Jan 28)

Terri said...

I hope it's June! It's so hard when all we've been hearing about is how huge October and November are. :P