Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No 14

Well, I have hit the number 14 as of yesterday. 14 Long months of patiently, or not so patiently waiting. I'm good now though. There have been some times during this process that have been discouraging but in the overall scheme of things, all is still good. Having many activities and things planned really help not to focus on the adoption. It seems never ending but there IS a glimmer of a referral within the next six months.
I have been reading other blogs and one of the fun things that they have done is to challenge people to find something in their house that is weird. I'm on a mission today to find that object or objects that seem weird to me. I'll post photos as soon as I find something. There are some really interesting weird items out there. I'll do my best to come close to their weirdness. Anyone else wanna play?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're Booked!

Anna has two different weeks of holiday breaks of school coming up. We decided that we'd take her somewhere vs sitting around the house not doing anything. We thought, why not a cruise? We have been on a few and thought this would be a great thing for us to do. She has never been. She could go and do her own thing and we could too. I looked around and found one of the most inexpensive ones I could find and then upgraded a bit. I then talked to her about it and told her that she could bring a friend if she could find someone to split the bill. At this point, I only half heartedly looked into it and came up with a price. I told her what it would cost each of them. I thought there was only a slight chance of this friend going but to my surprise, she and her parents said yes. Yeah! Now I'm excited.

Having an exchange student, there are certain things we must do. On any trip we take, we need to gather signatures of each of us, her parents and our rep. After all this paperwork is done, it is sent to DC where they keep it on file. With Anna being from Taiwan, she needs a visa to get into the Bahamas. Although, the cruise line said no she wouldn't since we're only going to be there less than 24 hours. However, the Bahamas Embassy in Miami said that yes, she does need one. So, after going back and forth with all these people, trying to decide if she needed one or not, we sent in a money order to the tune of $55 to get the said visa. Anyway, we should get her visa next week and the three of us will be set. Now, to her friend, Sarah. She doesn't have a passport because it has been lost. She applied for a new one last Wednesday so hopefully it will only take a couple weeks to get it. Neither does she have a certified birth certificate. She has a photo copy of it. See, she was born in Germany at a military base so it's a bit complicated. She has also requested one so hopefully she'll be able to get at least one of them before we go. We also ran into the new rule of needing a passport to get into the Bahamas but also found out that if you go by ship or boat and not air, you won't need it until next year. Good news. I also need to get both sets of parents to sign a note authorizing me to take their kids out of the country. Having one set in Taiwan who doesn't speak English all that well is a bit tricky. Hopefully I'll be receiving an email from them soon and that will suffice. I surely hope it doesn't need to be notarized or anything like that. Back when I first thought of this idea, it didn't occur to me that we'd need to be jumping through hoops just to go on a short cruise. Oh well, at least, I hope, we'll be all set once we get there and they let us on the boat. I can hardly wait to go.

For the second week she is off, we have made arrangements for her to stay at my friend's house. We have decided to go on another cruise, just Matt and me. Although it's a bit late, we're still calling it our anniversary trip. Since we had to find an "e" ending trip, we decided on Maui in Hawaii. Well, we're actually island hopping on another cruise. I can't wait for this one either. We haven't booked it yet but will probably in the next couple of weeks. This will also be our final trip as a couple before our trip to China to get our little girl.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I finally completed one of the projects that I swore I'd finish before Chani gets here. Since we moved into the new house, one year ago, I haven't done a thing with my craft room. All my stuff just has been sitting in the unfinished basement. Piles and piles of supplies. Well, I finally felt up to straightening it out so I did. At least one desk and my scrapbooking supplies. I organized and labeled and now know where things are. Remember, things are only temporary, waiting for Matt to finish the basement. I have no walls, nor hardly any storage so it's still a mess but I am able to work down there now. The project that I had started about a year ago was her scrapbook for her wishes for her 100 wishes quilt. I finally finished it. I have yet to start on the quilt and that will come next, once I figure out how to start. I still can add another page if I end up with more wishes. It does feel great to finally get it done. I have about 20 more projects that I want to get complete and am finally feeling ready to accomplish more. I'm off to lunch with the girls today so perhaps late this afternoon, I'll get back down there and get to work.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Closet pictures

Here are some pictures of the closet that Matt has done so far.
These first pictures are what he has done so far on my side. He has yet to put in the shelf above the rod.

These first two are of the corner piece that was a difficult one to do. He is doing this by trial and error and it was his first piece that he has ever done. I think it's quite impressive.

This is the second piece that holds up the other end of the rod. Both of these pieces are made from Oak and stained.

This is the stand alone temporary rod on wheels that we have been using for a year. I did have both poles resting on this with the other ends resting on the cleats that he had installed already. Now just his rod is on it with the other end resting on the 1/2 door frame that goes into the small space under the slant of the roof.

This is Chani's bottom part to one piece of hers. Daddy is building her drawers that will go in these spots. Plus, a roll of border that we still need to put up in her closet.

This is the top half where he's going to put a couple of shelves. He has holes drilled all the way up so they can be adjusted. He'll also install a top shelf that will wrap around the corner and will be permanent. Her shelves are made from Aspen and will be painted.

This is Chani's temporary storage until the closet is done. These are her size 9 on the purple hangers and 12 spring, summer and fall outfits.

Chani's winter size 12 plus two size 9. All the white cubes are temporary and will be moved out, along with all the white plastic boxes. I will also remove all the junk hanging from her crib. That's just there for 'my' benefit for now.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

~~Atlanta Area Adopters~~ Potluck

We had a great time last night at Lisa and Doug's potluck. Thank you to everyone who came and brought tons of food. It was great to see everyone again and welcome to all the new ones too. Lisa and Doug, a HUGE thank you for opening up your house for the gathering. Your football theme was a great idea and super cute. Here are some pictures of the event.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Feeling Better

Thanks to everyone who lifted my spirits. It's great to know so many are kind enough to give words of encouragement at a time when I really need it so thank you. I can't do anything about the wait anyway and she WILL eventually get here. Retail therapy sounds soooo like me but even my last Gymbucks spree didn't do much this time. Gonna start hitting those consignment sales in another month or so and see how good I can be. She doesn't need any more clothes, that's for sure.

Tomorrow is the local area potluck. I love going to these gatherings and have such a good time at them. I've made some great friends. The theme this month is football playoff. We have about 40 people coming so it should be a good crowd. If you're from the Atlanta area and would like to come, email me and I'll get you on the list.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I am sooo ready for my little girl yet I'm feeling so far away. 63 days of an LID count down doesn't sound like much but when you're waiting for a life change, it's an eternity. I try really hard to stay positive and focus on now and not on what I can't change. I feel like I'm living in a fantasy of having my little girl and this has become my life. It doesn't even seem real anymore. It doesn't even seem like it will happen. I know everyone says that it will and to stay positive. You'll soon forget the long agonizing wait once she is here. I've been waiting 412 days and there is no end in sight. I get a little bit of encouragement and then my hopes get smashed once again. I'm living life on hold and I hate this. I need some good news on the referral front for a change.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hard Drive ReDo and closet

Okay, so I've been having issues with the ole laptop and have been trying to get Matt to redo my hard drive for quite some time now. He finally, finally, finally got to it last night. He did had a few problems backing up all my files due to the pictures taking up so much space but he finally managed to get the job done. He then reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows and the new version of IE. He still has a few things to install like office but the poor guy was up all night long getting this far. He went to bed as I was getting up. He's my hero!!

He also finished my side of the closet, well almost. He built two shelf units that hang on the wall with a rod going between. YEAH!! I still don't have the top shelf that goes across the whole thing but I do have a couple smaller shelves and a rod that I can use now. After all that work he did, he's not happy with the results but I think they are great. I still need to finish organizing the closet and get things put on them now. I will take a picture and post it later.

Monday, January 08, 2007

16 and 63

I've been trying to guess as to when our referral will come. The last four months CCAA has averaged 16 calendar days per month of referrals. Over the last eight months, they have only averaged just under 14. There were a couple in there that only had nine days so that really hurt. IF they keep sending the referrals at the beginning of the month and staying on course with their latest four months averages, the earliest we could see a referral would be 4 more times which would be the beginning of May. The longer averages look like it would make it 5 more times and that could be the beginning of June.

While there are many factors that no one even knows that could change any of these numbers and make this mute, this is 'my' best guess as to when we'll get our referral. BTW, we have 63 days ahead of us.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Chani's Room Painting Complete

Monday, January 01, 2007


As promised, Pictures.

For New Years, Anna went to Sarah's house and spent the night which meant Matt and I had the whole evening to ourselves. Yippee!! We went to a NYE bash over at Mick and James' who really know how to have a great party. There were nine of us there. The youngest in the crowd, Jarod who is 7, performed some amazing magic card tricks for us all. No one really knew how he kept guessing the correct card but he was pretty accurate each time. We then settled into a Raclette dinner which was awesome. Tons of food and of course, everyone's favorite "crack" aka cream puffs.

Then, after dinner, one of our favorite games, Cranium which is hilarious as you can see by the photos.

We said goodbye to 2006 and welcomed 2007 with lots of hugs, kisses, cheers, fireworks and hopes of new babies for us all. Every single one of these people we spent the new year with will make excellent parents. I love that they are all such a big part of my life. I couldn't have asked for better or more special friends.

Happy New Year to all my blogging buddies!