Sunday, December 30, 2007

Final Trip Info For those Interested - Very Long

I kept a written journal while we were there so I could at least look back and recall what happened. Our excursion of the second day was to go to the Temple of Six Banyans where the babies were to be blessed with a long life, good luck and happiness. Also, while we were there, we could pray for wishes to whatever god that we believed in with incense. We chose to pass on the wishes one but did let the Buddhist do his thing. It's a traditional thing like the red couch photo so we took part in that.

We then went to a tea house and a garden/park. We gathered around a table where we watched them prepare and then sample a few different teas. My favorite was Jasmine but even though, I'm still not a fan.

After that, we headed to the BLACK Swan where we had another traditional meal. Most of our group meals were pretty much the same thing. They had a dozen different dishes and always served the rice last, along with only one small glass of water/coke or sprite/or beer. Never a second one. We always had our own bottled water because I suppose we just drink tons of water.

We returned to the hotel and Matt took Chani and met with a few of the men who all had their daughters and went to the market that sold live scorpions, snakes, etc. Glad it was him and not me. We women met and went shopping which included a stop at Starbucks. The only time I went to one the entire time in China. It sure was good!

That was the first time that I was away from Chani for any length of time. I hadn't really noticed how much I missed her until I got back to the hotel. She was so excited to see me and just shook with glee. I realized then at that moment how much I missed her and was so glad to see her too.

The final thing of the day was to go on a river boat cruise. It was great weather and with all the lights, it was very pretty. The locals all rushed the buffet once it was served so we all were instructed to patiently wait until they were through. After we finished eating, we headed outside to the bow and felt the wind in our hair. She loved that. We were told that the food was bad and not to expect too much. I, however found the food acceptable.

While shopping earlier, I had picked up a few pair of squeaky shoes. Chani had on a pair and I had set her down on her feet with her leaning against my leg. She would pick up her foot a tiny bit and make it squeak. It was adorable. The men at the next table couldn't take their eyes off of her.

Once we went back to the hotel. Getting her to sleep was Matt's job. I just couldn't get her to sleep. He would walk her until she fell asleep. I would try but always failed. I attempted it again and when I was about to give up and hand her to Matt, he encouraged me to keep going. Within a couple more minutes she was finally asleep. My first successful time. I was so proud and them promptly crashed into the hard bed. The beds were hard but you are so tired that it really doesn't matter. They weren't really all that bad either.

The following day, I went and did my final shopping. I ordered three hand done etchings, an oil painting, a few personalized items and finished up my 21 gifts for gotcha day celebrations and then 21 Xmas ornaments to give her yearly. I also finished up buying gifts for friends and family and a few others down the line. For dinner, just the three of us went to Cow and Bridge. I really liked this place and had a some great shrimp cakes. They did want 1 Yuan for a napkin though. I just think this is so tacky. Luckily I had been a Mom for a couple of days and knew enough to bring wipes and things like that so we were covered.

We ended up buying another suitcase to replace our original one that lost a wheel and another one for a carry on. In all, we ended up buying three suitcases. The two we got in Guangzhou won't last long but the largest one was only $13 and the carry on was $10. The other one was a bit more but I don't remember how much it cost. The laundry did surprise me a bit. It was more expensive that I had thought it would be but we needed clean clothes.

Our final day was spent running around and picking up all our personalized items and then packing them. We had tons of room in our largest bag but had to be careful with the weight. I am proud to say that we were under weight every time we checked in. We did a fantastic job with packing. We had our final breakfast buffet at the White Swan and left our bags for the porters to pick up. On our way to the airport, we went to the US Consulate where we swore that she was the one and to take care of her for the rest of our lives. It was a very touching moment and our final official act in China.

We were on our way to Beijing. It was a late flight and we arrived late in the day so it was pretty exhausting. I didn't sleep very well as we stayed at a run down hotel next to the airport and a very busy highway where horns were blowing all night long. That and I was so ready to head home. It was time.

We awoke and packed our bags, headed to breakfast and then back to the room. When it was time, we left our bags outside the room and then headed to our final lunch as a group.

We then went to the airport and checked in and waited. As we walked through security, several had water that had been taken. We, however, were able to take our hot thermos and an unopened bottle with us. Whew, we lucked out there. While waiting for our plane, Chani needed changed so I went to change her and then handed her off to Matt so I could go myself. I had avoided the squatty potty the entire trip but wouldn't you know it, my last 30 min in China, I had to use one. I was bit confused as to how to use it though. Do I face the door or do I face the wall? - It's a mystery to me. Anyhow, it wasn't too bad and I was able to get the job done. Off to board the plane. Well, not so easy. We were all searched at this point and all of our water was taken from us. They took formula and jars of baby food, juice, etc. We were allowed to take two jars of baby food. They made me dump my thermos and took the bottled water I had. Once on the plane, one flight attendant seemed annoyed that they took all the formula and told us that she would get us some hot water. I had wanted a bottle to help soothe her ears once we started but that wasn't going to happen now. Once we were level, Matt asked about some hot water and she said that they were prepping the galley and would bring it. We kept waiting. It was late for dinner and Chani started getting pretty hungry. They then started their beverage service and by the time they got to us, she was in full crying mode and I was exhausted and I lost it. I yelled at her, "COULD I PLEASE HAVE SOME HOT WATER?" I was so pissed by now and had lost all my patience. Chani was screaming and hungry. It was so ridiculous that we couldn't have hot water or any for that matter. It was a good 1 1/2 hours into the flight by now and they finally gave me some luke warm water. So, our flight started off really crappy. Then, every chance they offered beverages, I would pour the water into the thermos so I would have some to at least make a bottle. The rest of the flight, Chani slept in the seat between us. She slept most of the trip and did really well. We weren't very comfortable but she seemed to be and that was all that mattered.

We arrived in Chicago and went through customs. We were allowed to go to the front of the line and went through pretty well. We then had to show our brown envelope and then we were stamped. That was when she officially became a US citizen. Another touching moment. We then had to clear security once again and then had to rush to catch our plane. The line was super long but they wouldn't let us cut in line this time. When we got to the gate, they were doing the last call. I am so glad that I had been to this airport many times so I was familiar with it and knew where we had to go. We then boarded our final flight to Atlanta.

Our flight went well and we landed in Atlanta a little bit early. We then met Debbie who picked us up. It was after 9pm. I am so very thankful to her for everything that she has done for us for this trip. She is a super great friend. We then gathered our luggage, strapped Chani in the car seat which she hated and headed for home. It was so nice to get home.

While I'm writing this book, there are a few people that I want to thank. First of all, Debbie. You made transportation to and from the airport such a breeze. It was so nice not to have to worry about our car being at the airport or even finding it after all that time. Thank you so much!

Lisa L - Our social worker who actually went on the trip with us. Thank you for being there when we were so unsure of ourselves. For asking how we were doing every single day and for all the support you gave to us when we needed it the most. Your encouraging words meant the world to us.

Lisa F - For always being there for us and showing so much enthusiasm for us every step on the way. You really are a true friend and I thank you so much for that.

Stacey - For the Cheerios. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Cece - For trying to find me some hair conditioner without knowing what I was talking about.

The China 140 yahoo group, for being part of the most memorable trip of our lifetime.

To China, for giving me the most precious gift I could ever ask for.

And finally to Matt, for putting up with everything and for hanging in there with me. I love you!

Overall, the whole trip was a great experience. I had heard so many negative things about every part of the trip from so many different people that I guess I was expecting it to be much worse than what it was. It really was a good trip and if you're about to go, be flexible, open minded, kind to each other and take tons of patience and pictures. The tips that I have given are my own opinion so keep that in mind. For us, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Thank you all for following along. Our trip is over but our fun has just begun. Here are some more photos from the trip. Again, Matt chose them.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh, what a time we've had. We've been so busy and the blogging has taken a back seat for awhile.

The first week home, we dealt with bad jet lag and just trying to get some sleep at night. It wasn't an easy process but now I think it's getting better. She is sleeping for 10-12 hours a night but waking up some still. When she's happy and not tired, she is so adorable. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with how beautiful she is. She has the sweetest smile and sometimes she'll crinkle up her whole face in a smile. Her little nose wrinkles all up and her eyes are almost closed with all four teeth grinning away. She is so cute. She is very cuddly and loves hugs. She is learning to lean forward for a forehead tap or a kiss, however she doesn't do the kissing yet. She love the word, "Pop" and smiles and sometimes it gets a laugh. She babbles and says, "Da" quite a bit and has moved into "Ga" and "Ma" - I'm lovin that one! She's cutting teeth and drools constantly so we're always ready with her drool rag.

She has had her first play date which went rather well. Briana, Lisa and Doug came over with wings and spend a few hours with us. OMG, these two were so adorable. They both know how to blow raspberries and they were doing it to each other. Can you just see the cute factor? Lisa has posted pictures of the day. I haven't even looked at my camera or any of the shots that I took so check them out over there.

Her second play date was on Xmas Eve. Debbie, Dan, Ian and Li Li all came over for our traditional chili dinner. It was so great to see all of them together. She does really well with others so far. After they left, we opened up her first Xmas gift ever. That has been a tradition in my family my whole life. One gift on C. Eve which always ended up being a new pair of pajamas so we would get to sleep in them and then have them on for pictures the next morning. It's one tradition that will continue for us. Since she was so exhausted and falling asleep during dinner, she went down fairly easy.

Then, on Xmas day, we had our traditional picture in front of the tree and opened a few presents. None of the pictures turned out especially well so we have none to post but have tons of others. Since everything is new to her still, we had no need to get her anything so we wrapped up a few things and she had a ball with the paper. She loved ripping it and staring at it. Not much interest in what was inside. After we finished doing that, we headed over to Debbie's and had a wonderful time with friends and met Maisie and her family, and Emma and her family. Debbie had a spectacular looking table with food to match. We had a fantastic time and Chani did really well.

Since then, we've been hanging around close to home. A quick errand to the post office to send off the late gifts. I had intended to get them sent as soon as we returned from China but the little rug rat took over and has been the center of attention ever since. No complaints though!

Here are a few pictures over the last few days.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MySpace Graphics

I was going to post the photo of our first family shot in front of the tree but after looking a them decided that naw, not gonna happen. We'll do them again once we've had a chance to clean up a bit and look presentible. In the meantime, here is her first glimpse of the tree and then a few in the morning. She loved the paper and bows most of all.

I promise to post more pictures soon!

Hope your holiday is full of love!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Okay, backtracking a bit. We did buy that suitcase in the Wal-mart in Nanchang and promptly filled it up. Was ever so thankful that we found it as I had no idea how I was going to get all our crap stuff to Guangzhou. We packed so well that we were even underweight. Wish we could say the same about us. HA! The flight went well. Chani did super and was very excited and bounced around most of the trip. She likes rotating her wrists and kicking her legs at the same time. We call it the, "baby dance." Cute, cute cute!

On the way to the airport, Chani fell asleep and they made me wake her, remove the carrier and pass her to an employee so they could scan her. Needless to say that I wasn't too happy with that but what could I do?

Once we left the airport, we were on the White Swan Express, heading to the famous hotel and again, a sleeping baby. I had heard mixed things about the hotel but the room we had was very clean and even smelled clean, the water pressure was super great and it was large enough for the three of us. Perhaps we got a refurbished room but it was nice enough. The service was also great. If you asked for something, you had it right away. It wasn't the same way in Nanchang. I went without fresh toothbrushes for most of the nights there, even when I had to ask for them. If you're careful and don't wash them with the tap water, you can use them again. It sure was nice not washing them and tossing in the trash though! Chani had a hard time here with a new crib and new surroundings since we arrived so late. She finally settled down and we all went to bed for a little while until breakfast.

Breakfast at the hotel, I had heard was really good. I wasn't too impressed with it and liked the JinFeng Hotel breakfast much better. After we finished eating and met the group, we headed to get her photo taken and then off to the medical exam. She weighs 17.7 pounds with her clothes on, is 28" long and her temp was 97. We then went to the next step where they checked her eyes, nose and ears. The last thing was her head circumference and a general overall body exam. She passed with flying colors. She is wearing 6-9 months size. I had a couple of 6 months that we used but they were a tiny bit snug so the 6-9 works much better.

On our way out of the exam, we stopped at a couple shops and then headed to lunch to Lucy's. I ordered grilled cheese and Matt ordered a chicken wrap. Both were pretty good so no complaints here. There is a park right there in the middle of it all and so many people out there exercising, playing with kids, some kind of hackey sack game and generally having a good time. We saw 4-5 brides getting their photos taken. About two months before the wedding, they shoot the photos and will have them to show at the wedding. We walked back to the hotel and had to wait for them to finish cleaning it. We walked to the second floor and found a lounge area with some red couches so we sat on them and took a few photos. Little did we know at the time that these were THE red couches where we were to meet a little later for the famous red couch photo. We did a group shot and then that one. Not too bad. There was one boy, Joey in the group and Chani and he held hands a bit on the couch. I took some photos of that but haven't seen then yet. I will post if they are good. It sure was cute at the time.

I'll post the next day tomorrow.

Another couple of tips - take a thermos! We used ours constantly and I was soooo glad to have had it. I know some say it's a huge waste of space but it was so worth it to me to have it.
Also, Cheerios! I couldn't find them or anything like them anywhere. I had to borrow some from Stacey. Thank you Stacey, so much. You were a life saver!

Back to today. We arrived late last night and she just wouldn't go down. She was so excited when we got home and just looked around at everything. We brought her in through the front door and looked at the tree and then all the rooms. She was just happy to be off the plane or bus. She hated the car seat in the beginning but settled down to it pretty quick and of course, she fell asleep on the way home. Debbie picked us up from the airport and I can not thank her enough. Big, big hugs for EVERYTHING that you have done for us, Deb!!

I think we may have gotten a couple hours from her last night and she finally went to sleep at 8am this morning, so did I. We woke up around 1 and I got her up. She took a short nap today for about an hour and I woke her up from that too. I really wanted her to be tired for tonight. We stayed at the house today playing with her new toys. I only introduced the mailbox and a new set of stacking cups since we lost the ones that we took to China. I also let her play with the other toys that she had in China. I don't want to overwhelm her too much.

Matt went to grab a few groceries and pick up Bindi. He brought him home and I was up in Chani's room with her. He was able to settle in a little bit before Matt came to get me and change places so he could see me for awhile before we introduced Chani. Then, after he greeted me for a couple minutes, we brought him to her. He was so excited. She giggled when he licked her fingers and smiled at him. Sooooo glad that she didn't cry or was scared of him. That was a good thing.

We gave her a bath in her new tub and then put her to bed around 8:30. Hopefully she'll sleep through morning.

I also started unpacking so the house is such a wreck. There is crap stuff everywhere. I wanted to get this post out there today.

And, for the good stuff, again, picked out by Matt.

The two babies from our group who were born in the year of the pig. Chani and Cameron, born one day apart.

Chani in her panda hat.

See my four teeth?

Cute or what?

We toured a tall Pagoda in Nanchang and we saw them perform a dance and song.

The girl loves touching my teeth and sticking her hands in my mouth.

This little boy was at the zoo in Nanchang.

His momma really wanted us to take his picture.

As we passed a side street, this is what we saw.

As Matt and one member from each family were filling out the I-600 forms, a few of the rest of us gathered for a walk through a local park. Everyone would stop and stare at us and the babies. They were all super friendly and wanted to see the babies. Extremely curious people we were to them. These last little girls were in the park.

All of these photos were taken in Nanchang.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We're HOME

What a whirl wind of the last few days. I appologize for not getting any posting done but I'm too cheap to pay for internet access. HA!
Matt and I are both exhausted and Chani is wide awake. Of course, she slept for most of the flights and the ride home. She's thinking it's lunch time. I feel it's going to be a long night.

I'll post more soon when I have the energy. Thank you all sooo very much for following along. I'll do catch up soon.

Hugs to all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Photos

Matt picked these photos for me to post.
Yesterday we traveled to the countryside and was able to go see how the country folk live. We were greeted by several people who were very curious about us and wanted their picture taken. Several of us had candy for the kids but I couldn't find the gum that I had brought. The only thing I had was the ladybug bows that were in Chani's hair. So, I took them out and gave them to two little girls. They were thrilled with them after I showed them what to do with them. After we toured a family's house and came back to the bus, I noticed that the one little girl had both of them. I wish I would have brought more candy or things for the kids, even more clips. We had to give four gifts and then the rest are for whomever we choose. One shop owner gave us a tassel thing and said that he'd give us her finding ad for free. He didn't push us to buy and even offered laundry service with the baby's laundry free. We left without spending a dime. The next day, the hotel put a note and her finding ad under our door as a gift from him. It was such a gracious thing for someone to do something like that so we went back over there, brought him our laundry and bought several items from him. We had two custom dresses made for her. One was through him and we'll pick it up later today. We also went to the zoo and that was so depressing. They did a show with lions and they were tortured so much that they just cowered. It was too much for Matt and I so we got up and walked out. I couldn't handle it. Just a few minutes later, the rest of the group did the same thing. It was just sad. We took another trip to Wal-mart and bought a suitcase so now we have room for all our goodies. We leave for Guangzhou tomorrow. I'm so excited to go there. Can't wait to go shopping!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our first full day

Well, today went much better. She was so scared yesterday. She sucks on the back of one hand when she's upset. It's so cute. She's eating really well and is even eating some table food. A HUGE thing that all the new parents look for is a messy diaper and I'm so proud to say that we had two today!! Daddy did the honors of cleaning up the first one. When it was my turn, we popped her in the bath for the first time. She LOVED it! She is just so cute. We're even getting some great belly laughs too. She is starting to come out of her shell and seems to be adjusting to us. She is looking to us for comfort now. I am so happy and grateful to be her mom.

I also want to thank everyone for all their comments and emails. I'd love to respond to each one of them but I just don't have the time. I soooo feel the love and it's great to hear from back home. Thank you all!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Here we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, here are the first pictures of our daughter, Miss Chani Mei Ren. Her name means beauty. She is so much prettier than her photos. I can't believe how beautiful she is. Now, if I can only get a smile out of her.

Matt's comment, "I can't believe we have a daughter. Isn't that weird?"

Check out her BOWS!!!

She was happy at the very begging and when she was checking me out, she put her fingers in my mouth, touching my teeth. She is adorable! She then started crying and cried for a few hours. She is pretty stressed and having a hard time adjusting but she is starting to come around quite a bit now.

It's dinner time so I'll post more when I can but for now, here are a couple photos.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tienanmen Square and The Forbidden City

Oops, I messed up. We went to the Summer Palace and not the Forbidden City yesterday.
Today we hit the Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square. We saw the famous Chairman Mao photo on the Tienanmen Tower. The street vendors are out in full force so you learn to say Boo Yaow quite quickly. They will rush up to you and hold out their goods begging you to buy. We were advised not to purchase from them and to walk away.

The colors on the buildings are so vibrant and rich since they are repainting for the Olympics. We saw a pregnant woman today and it made me really wonder about the future of her baby. Would she be able to keep it and raise it or would she be adopted out to someone like us? It was quite sad really.

We visited the pearl market and saw how fresh water pearls are cultivated. Very interesting. Since I used to work in jewelry, I knew some about pearls but didn't know this. We also visited the silk factory where they walked us through the silkworm's life and how they produce silk quilts, etc. Another very interesting process. We ended up buying a quilt and a comforter which is taking up too much very valuable luggage room though. A new piece of luggage will be one of our next purchases.

We then boarded the plane to Nanchang and that is where we are tonight. I think everyone is a bit on edge and tired. Hopefully we will get a good nights sleep tonight because tomorrow at 11:30, we get the babies. There are 9 families who are getting them in our group. We split into two major groups and a couple went to different provinces. We'll meet up with the rest of the group in Guangzhou.

I'm not going to post photos until tomorrow when we get the babies. It has been an exhausting couple of days and I haven't even looked at them yet. The other group is getting their babies tonight. They probably have already by now.

A HUGE congrats goes out to Rowan and Lorraine for their referral of their little girl, Adia Lin! So happy for you guys!

And one more quick hello to Tom and Nancy's family who are reading the blog.

The next time I post, we'll be parents! How awesome is that?

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Forbidden City and The Great Wall

Today we're heading to both those places. We've filled our bellies and are now waiting for the group.

We flew in from Chicago to Beijing going West. On our flight, out the left side, you could see the Great Wall. We, of course, were on the right and I'm sure not every flight is the same but if you're flying United from Chicago, there's a tip for ya for those waiting.

Last night we went to dinner. They will only serve you one tiny glass of water. They charge you for a bottle after that. (6 RMB) I wish I had known that before I drank down the glass before dinner. LOL

We also exchanged currency at the airport in Atlanta. Hold off on this until you get here. At our hotel, anyway, the currency exchange is open 24 hours and they provided a much better rate. (We only exchanged a small amount in Atlanta, just in case but we didn't need to.)

The meals so far have been decent and the hotel room is very warm.

I'll post more as I can.

A HUGE congrats goes out to Mick and James for their referral of their little girl, Olivia! So happy for you guys!

We made it

Hey everyone! We finally made it. Long flight but no problems. WE'RE IN CHINA!!! Going to bed now. We're exhausted and have an early day tomorrow. Will post more later.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thank you

As we prepare for our trip of a lifetime, I thought I'd do this huge list of everyone that meant something to me, listing all their qualities and thanking each of them individually. I even started the list but then I thought, no one wants to read all of that nor do I have a way with words to really express my thoughts so I scratched the list. Besides, if you have been a part of my life during the journey, you know already and if you don't, you should. All the way from a simple encouraging email or comment on this blog, up to my most treasured friends, Thank you.

Now, we're off to go get our baby!!!!! as long as the weather in Chicago doesn't delay us.

Thanks to all the emails, phone calls and well wishes. We greatly appreciate all the support. Much love and many hugs to you all!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chani's Shelves and Cabinets

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46 Hours

We're down to 46 hours.
I'm super psyched and not in stress mode just yet. I'm getting a lot of things done and keeping busy so that helps a great deal. And, if it doesn't get done, oh well, we'll survive and life will go on.

I talked to my Mom yesterday and she had just received my Xmas card. She is one of four people who I sent a photo of Chani. Most have to wait for the adoption announcement for when we can take a family photo. Anyhow, she said that she was going to go visiting so she could show off "HER" baby and that now she has five grand kids. She's planning on coming to visit and meet Chani's on her first birthday in February. Both sets of grandparents will come and celebrate and get to know their grandchild. Things should be into a rhythm by then, I hope.

Even though I'm officially done with the wait, I'm still waiting and still hopeful that the CCAA will dish out tons of referrals. There are so many friends that I absolutely can not wait to see their referrals come in. You all know who you are so just remember that I'm still anxiously waiting with you whether you get it tomorrow or a few months from now.

And now, the photos of the tree. Finally complete.

This cute little cut glass ornament is of a baby carriage. On the heart, it says, "Greatest Gift Of All" On the reverse it says "Baby's First Christmas - 2007"

This little bear says, "Parents To Be 2005"

These chickens are our "Parents To Be 2006"

And finally, no more waiting. This is Baby's First Christmas Bear!
It seems like our Christmas tree went from red and silver to red/silver and baby stuff. I love it though. I love the tree. It's my favorite part of the decorations.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Potluck for Dec 2007

Our GA Waits group had it's monthly potluck last night at the home of Christian, Stacy and Ashley. They had all their holiday decorations up and the house looked so festive. Everyone brought some delicious dishes and at the end of the evening, it appeared that most of it was gone. After we all filled our bellies and chatted for awhile, we settled in for our annual gift exchange. We did a white elephant exchange where the next in line could take your gift from you. It was a lot of fun as there were some really great gifts being stolen.

Looking at these pictures, we have to have the best looking kids out there. Their little faces are just so adorable!

Andrew was hysterical and deserves a spread all on his own. Georgia was sitting across the table from him doing the chicken dance and he was mimicking her. TOO too cute! He sure has the moves!

Again, I want to thank Christian, Stacy and Ashley so very much for hosting this month. I had a GREAT time!!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Years Today

Two years ago today we were logged into the CCAA. This has been our LID or log in date for two years now.

It also happens to be my 200th post.

Today I met with some of the girls and their kids to decorate cookies. Good to sugar up the little ones at 10am!! Evil me tried to get Li Li to lick the bowl after the frosting was gone. She either didn't understand or knew better! I did get to hold a little 7 month old today for quite some time. She was precious and I can not wait to hold Chani in my arms. I just can not wait!

I have one more social activity to go to without a child of my own. It's going to be a really fun one with gift exchanges and a potluck. That's tomorrow. Then, the next four days, I have nothing scheduled. I need to finish the tree and finish cleaning. I told Matt that he has until Monday evening to finish up his building projects. After that, I need time to clean up after him, shampoo the carpets and get both the nursery and toy room organized. Will I ever be ready?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Week

Today the plan is to put up the tree. But, before I do, I need to prep the livingroom, clean, move furniture, etc. Not much decorating is going to happen this year. Way too much is going on but I want something for her since it is her first.

One more week before we change our lives forever. One more week of cleaning, one more week of counting down my final countdown, which by the way has been the best one so far of all the countdowns I've done during this adoption. It's really happening now. It's still kind of hard to believe that it really is all real. We've been in this prep mode for the baby for so long. It's hard to adjust to okay, the stuff is out of the way to let's dust the stuff off and have it really ready instead of just sitting there. I don't know if this makes sence. Being in waiting mode seems so natural now that it's hard to know what I need to do to get ready for the real thing vs waiting for the real thing. Anyway...

It's looking like we'll have one checked bag, one carry on bag and two back packs on the way over. Hopefully on the way back, we'll be able to handle all of this, trucking through the airports with probably another bag or two, along with a stroller and screaming crying well behaved child.