Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xmas Eve Day

Okay, so I feel like I should be doing something but here I sit, just like every other day. I'm doing the laundry because I don't want to do it tomorrow and I also have a pie in the oven for tomorrow too. The excitement of the day is pretty much over. They delivered Matt's TV around noon and he was so surprised and excited. I told him he couldn't open it until tomorrow. Now, he's out in his workshop, sulking! Naw, he's out there trying to figure out a way to build a stand for the TV. I told him that Santa was coming early for him. He kept thinking that we were going to have visitors. HA! He had no clue and I think this was the perfect gift for him. He had to answer the door and saw the delivery truck first and just had the biggest, most surprised grin on his face. His response was priceless. I only wish I could have figured out a way to have given it to him tomorrow instead.

We do have our annual Chili dinner coming and our one gift coming tonight. I think we'll even pop in a Christmas movie and settle in to watch that for our last Xmas Eve before our little girl gets here.

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