Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas Decorations for 2006

Outside deer, tree and sleigh. - We got these last year at a really great price.

This is Chani's first stocking. Of course I picked it up last year. I thought for sure she would be here. Since it's not dated, she'll have it for this year.

This is a treasure box that I picked up this year. Each year, I'm going to write on a small piece of paper a wish for the year. On the back, Matt is going to write her a wish too and then we'll give it to her on her 21st or so.

This is the banister on the landing going up. Each year my Grandma gives me a dated bulb. I have one from the year I moved out of the house. 1986 and up.

This is from up above, looking down on our fireplace.

This one says Our First Christmas together, 1997.

I stitched this one the year we got married, 2002.

This one is my stocking from when I was a little girl. My mom made it and we would use it EVERY year.

This one says Baby's First Christmas. Hopefully she will have been born this year and even though she's not here with me, this will still be her first.

This one says Our Christmas Together, 2006. I put it on the tree and wrapped the box for Anna. I left her a note in the box to go get the ornament afterwards and that I bought it for her. She has even made the comment that she likes that one without knowing it is actually for her.

This is the front banister going up to the second floor and through to the living room where we have the tree.

These are my snow globes. I got the Rudolph first and then the Panda last year while we were waiting for Chani. This year I got the snowman and Mick gave me the Santa. I can't wait to show Chani these.

This is my Bunco group. I hosted this month at my house. I had such a good time hosting. We had a gift exchange which was a lot of fun.

This is our 9 1/2 ft tree. Matt went and picked it out by himself, brought it home and started to assemble it for a surprise for me.

Matt started buying me Precious Moments several years ago. The ones in the circle represent the 12 days of Christmas. He has given me one for every year we have been together. This will be our tenth one.

Last year Matt gave me the 9th while we were waiting for Chani. As you can see, she is holding 9 ladybugs!! We thought for sure we'd get her this last year.

And last, is the Panda glass ornament. I also got it last year while waiting for our little girl. Will she EVER get here??? - I'm ready for her.

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Lisa and Doug said...

Oh Kathy - your house looks so beautiful! I LOVE the 9ft tree! And I just know that Chani will be with you at Christmas next year!