Saturday, December 09, 2006


Isn't Christmas a wonderful time of the year? We wear ourselves out running to and fro and going shopping like madmen. I am almost done with all that hoopla and only a couple gifts left to find and a trip to the post office.

I cleaned, cooked and prepared to host Bunco this last Thursday night. We had a gift exchange which where we picked numbers out of a bowl and the first got to choose the gift. No. 2 then was able to take a gift or choose to unwrap a new one. We had a limit of a gift only being taken three times. I received an adorable nightlight that matches perfectly in my guest bath. The favorite gift of the night seemed to be the gift card from Starbucks! That was the only one that was taken and it went all three times. I also prepared little gifts for each player along with having xmas cards for each. I even had to scramble at the last minute to pop one in the pile because there was a sub that I wasn't aware would be there but it all worked out. Clara Mae also brought caramel corn bags for everyone. Although I didn't win at Bunco, I had so much fun.

Today we're off to our waiting families potluck. It's another xmas theme complete with gifts. I'm really looking forward to this one and seeing everyone. We're going to miss Lisa and Eammon though because they're in CHINA!!!

Sunday, Anna's friend Sarah and her mother are coming to lunch. I've been wanting to meet her (the mom) for awhile now. I'm going to prepare one of my Dream Dinners that I assembled the other day with Randi. I tried the first one Thursday night and wasn't too impressed with it so hopefully this one will be better.

Then, after that, we have a "Parting Pizza Party" to go to. Some of our dear friends are moving to Indianapolis. Burrrr! They have sold their house and found a new job up there. We're going to miss them but wish them well. We've decided to let Anna stay at home this time. I'm barring her from cooking anything while we're gone. I'm a bit nervous about leaving her.

After all these things this weekend, we are totally free until Christmas Eve. Matt is going to take some much needed time off and hopefully work on the closets. He did finish building my side but now he needs to stain it before installing it. I can hardly wait!


Kim said...

Hello Matt & Kathy! :)

I love your kitty Shad, it looks just like my kitty Scout that died a few years back (whcih about killed me). I now have Wookie bear who looks a lot like them but his face is pointier because he isn't a pure breed kitty.

Just wanted to say hi :) - Kim

Mick & James said...

Glad when this year is over! LOL

Next year x-mas will be much more stressing! But in a FUN way.

Peace and Hot Cocoa

Lisa and Doug said...

I love Christmas but it is so exhausting!