Saturday, November 11, 2006

What that - - - -?? (you fill it in)

I'm going along, no worries in the world. My little girl WILL come eventually. I don't like it but there isn't anything I can do so I wait. Our prints expired but no worries, I sent in the request and finances to get them redone. They arrive but I need to postpone that date due to a conflict. So, I figure a week or two. WRONG!! It took them nearly six weeks to reschedule it for me. Okay, a bit concerned, a lot annoyed but they finally come and our appointment happens to be on the same day as our friends have their renewal, so great! At least the line will go fast. Then, a few days ago, I get a letter from Homeland Security stating that they need my homestudy update in order to complete my request. Not a problem, however, they need it by Dec 2nd. (Insert your own "What the ??" here) Our immigration approval is still good until March 28th so I don't understand why the rush. I have all my paperwork done but am waiting on the husband to do his part. I frantically call our social worker who just had a baby and is out on maternity leave. She was to come back to work this next Monday and they advised me to call her anyway and get it set up so she can come out to do it. I finally talk to her and now I find out that she can't do it because she is only coming in for a week and then taking another week of vacation. Boy, it must be rough. Anyway, who knows when we'll be able to get all this stuff done and if we'll be able to make their deadline. They state on the form that they will deny our approval if we don't get it to them by then. I hope I can accomplish it. I'm really stressing about it now.

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Lisa and Doug said...

That is crazy! My I-797/I-600A expires before yours and I didn't get a letter! I wonder if you got a letter because your fingerprints expired.

Well, I am just about done with my home study - I better get it sent out pronto!