Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today's documents

Today I needed to go pick up our local police background clearance at our police department. I don't know how you all feel about police departments but they tend to scare me and it's not a comfortable place to be. I wouldn't do very well in jail. Anyhow, I ended up having to go to the detention center and wait in line to talk to one very slow officer. All the while, I was looking around and there were tons of signs stating that no cell phones, bags or anything like that would be allowed in the building and to put them in your car. I finally reached him and asked him where I was to go to pick up my letters. He asked me if I had a receipt. I told him no and that I still needed to pay for them. I then mumbled something about the other office told me something about a basement. He then reluctantly said that he would let me in. I had to go around and through a metal detector. Of course it's beeping as I proceed to his side because I had my purse and cell phone, keys, etc. and then he wants me to open my jacket and my purse. I did so and he told me to go down the elevator, to the right and up to the set of windows. I ended up being in the place where they post bonds. There was a big burly guy sitting there that I had to walk by. This place is creepy! Anyway, I get to the window and ask for the letters. The woman then asks for my id and a receipt. I explained to her that I didn't have a receipt because I haven't paid for them yet. She then went and found them and just gave them to me. I asked her if they were state records vs county and she said she didn't work in that department and had no way of knowing. She told me to have a nice day so I left without having to pay for them. Yippee!! That's one thing that didn't cost me twice!

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Mick & James said...

There's a warrant for your arrest out for you to pay for those records!
I saw your face posted his morning at the post office... I put a little moustache on your face for my amusement. LMAO