Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stress, Stress, Stress

Okay, I'm an easy going person, easy to please, easy to get along so why is all this crap so complicated?

I try to convince my husband to get his butt in gear to get his medical redone in a timely manner. He ended up having to contact the office manager of his doctor's office so she could schedule him a special time in order to get this done by Dec 2nd. He finally did and now he's going in on Monday. I mean, it's not like he has to have a gynecological exam with one doctor and then a general practice doctor for his other things, geez!

Our social worker just had a baby, is coming back to work for one week and then taking off another week for the holiday. She doesn't have time to do our home study so she pawns it off to someone else who will need to go through the entire thing once again. She is trying to get us to do an amendment to our home study to show the change of address which will cost us around $200. She also wants us to contact FedEx and get an account set up so she can send it to the office about 20 minutes from her and then once again they will forward it to INS. I'm guessing around $25 each time she sends documents. (I'm also thinking they are milking us for as much money as they can get.) OR, she could update the entire home study, complete with medicals, etc. That will cost us $350. So, our choices are to just do the address update for $200 and then redo the home study for $350 for a total of $550, or just hurry and do the home study, total $350, with the fear of it not reaching INS before their deadline of Dec 2nd. I'm going to see what I can do about extending the deadline. My dear friend gave me the phone number of someone in the office who I may be able to contact them. At least it's a phone number! Our new home visit will take place early tomorrow morning.

We started out our day pretty early, around 7 in order to get to the INS office around 9. (Going in rush hour is not a joy!) We get about 1/2 way there and Matt then decides to ask me if I brought my ID. Oh god!! No, I had left it at home so we have to turn around and head back. Damn it! We would have made it on time. We did finally make it around 9:30 and were able to wave to Lisa and Doug as they were walking out. Bummer! We had to endure about an hour wait so it wasn't too bad. We then headed out to find our local police department so we could get a background clearance letter. Piece of cake. Now we just need to go pick it up on Thursday.

Okay, so I have a day to get my house cleaned up when Anna presents me with a meeting request for her drama so I need to go to that tonight of all nights. Kids! Gonna try to weasel out of that and have Matt do that while I clean the house.

And, to top it all off, I was feeling ill this morning, complete with a nagging migraine. Luckily that's gone, thanks to Imitrex and Vicodin! Now this time, I'm really off to clean the house! Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly. Wish me luck!

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Mick & James said...

I'm having the same issue with my husband and his physical...LOL.