Thursday, November 02, 2006

Referrals through Aug 25, 2005

The referrals are coming in now and the CCAA has updated their site. Yippee!!!

They got through two more days than my agency unofficially announced which is great news. Right now we are now looking at a referral in April. Hopefully it will come faster than that but I won't hold my breath nor count on it. I'm sure it will change next month!

I've been checking Lisa's blog quite frequently. She should get her referral today and we'll all know Baby M's name!! I'm so excited for her and Eammon and can hardly wait to see her photos!!


Lisa~~ said...

Thanks for checking on us. I'm just sitting here watching tv, checking blogs and waiting... Soon though!!

Lisa and Doug said...

Today has been great! I love referral day - so many beautiful faces. And today is my LID anniversary! Great Day!