Monday, November 20, 2006

Paper chase deja vu

Okay, so today I start out just before 9am and head to the DFAC office. Earlier last week I had sent this form to my HS agency and they were supposed to send it to DFAC and get the clearance from them. They failed to get it done so I had to go to the website, print off the form and truck it up there for them to sign. After almost walking through the employee door, we made it to where we were supposed to do, begged and pleaded them to do my form as I wait. Luckily they complied and I only had to wait about 20 minutes. Not too bad, and get this, the office is right up the street! Yeah! I thought for sure I'd be headed down the 400 into the city, chasing this piece of paper.

Matt had his physical at 9am this morning so the plan was for me to head down to Alpharetta and meet him for lunch. Well, we arrived around 10:00 and he still had to get his employment letter signed so Anna and I stopped by Wal-mart and did a bit of shopping. We then met him for lunch, all papers signed and ready to go.

Back to Kennesaw to our social worker's house so she would punch in any new or different information. This only took about 30 minutes for all that and printing. We then tried to reach the office back in Cumming. I headed out that way and was preparing to pop the envie with all our important papers and our check for $366 under the doormat. Ay, yay, yay. On the way, I get a phone call that Ashley will be in the office around 2:00. Great! I'm on my way but she informed me that they need to be notarized. WHAT?? Then, come to find out that the office manager, who is sick today, will be back in the office tomorrow and she'll be able to notarize them and get them out tomorrow. Whew, thought I was going to have to stop by the bank after all.

I could have told them that the INS gave me a 30 day extension and we didn't have to rush and get it out before Thanksgiving but what fun would that have been?? They need to earn their money and jump through some hoops for me! HA!

Next comes the big I-600A renewal. Wonder when that is due?? How long do they hold your fingerprint clearance?

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