Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Home Study Redo - Check

Okay, so the home study visit was today at 10:00. We met Suzanne who took over for Whitney. She is trying to work with us on rushing this and I really appreciate her doing so. We had to fork over $366 plus she talked us into registering with FedEx so she could rush the paperwork to INS. She said that is usually about $12 so it isn't as bad as I thought. She also said that she would snail mail the copies to WHFC and to me which is fine with me.

Matt's appt is Monday so either he or I will take the medical form and rush it over to Suzanne's house and then rush it back to the office. I just need to make sure that all the timing works out and they are there when I go. Hopefully by then, all of this will be done and I won't need to be caught in any more "new" requirements or price increases. Like this time, the local police clearance has to be at a state level vs county level. Wish they would have told me this before. I put in a call to the police dept to see which they do and hope they can accommodate without taking any more time. Another thing is that we had to pay for mileage which we didn't have to before. Rushing around like this, although it's a pain in the ass, isn't as bad as having to pay for the address update on top of the home study. Not having to deal with it again, once it's complete will be a great relief. I don't want to worry about any paperwork being outdated when it comes time to head to China. All I want to focus on is preparing for our child.

All I need now is Matt's medical, the employment letter and the police clearance letters which will be done tomorrow and we're all set. Hopefully by Wednesday, our paperwork will be on it's way to INS. If not, then on Monday and that gives them a week before the deadline. I hope this is enough.


Lisa and Doug said...

Yeah!!!!! You are on the home stretch girl! LOL!

Mick & James said...

I think HS needs another letter, to stop being such a roadblock in people's lives and do something productive!
Congrats, on adding another check to your list. Now, let's get ready for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to have you over. (grin)