Saturday, November 04, 2006

A few new things

First of all, just look at this precious little girl. Our friends Lisa and Eammon just received their referral of Maisie. We are thrilled for them and hope they get their TA very soon.

Second, January is out of review!!! Yeah!!! - Although it doesn't impact me in any way, I'm happy that they are one step closer.

Today we received our fingerprint appointment to get reprinted. It took the Atlanta USCIS office just over four weeks to reschedule it for us. It's a good thing we're not in a hurry this time. Our friends, Lisa and Doug, are having theirs redone and our appointments were scheduled at the same time. Yeah!! Hopefully the line won't be too long but with friends along, it will go quickly.


Lisa~~ said...

Thanks for posting our little cutie cue ball. We're over the top in love and it makes me smile to see her face on so many of our friend's blogs.

We were re-finger printed a short while ago and now that they're in the new facility and off Buford, it's so much nicer and it went quickly. Just remember no cell phones or pagers allowed in the building.

Lisa and Doug said...

I was SOOO happy to see those reschedule notices in the mail! I'll be seeing you on fingerprinting day!