Sunday, October 01, 2006

When Parents arrive early

Ok, so Mom told me that she would be in town for about two days, Monday and Tuesday. She showed up a few days early, on Friday. I already had plans to go to the previous mentioned dinner, complete with reservations and everything. Another plan we had was to go buy a bed on Saturday and have it all ready for them. Since we were going to the same shopping area, we went to a bed store and picked out a bed and mattresses before dinner. So, here we were, a complete twin size bed strapped on top of our car and heading to dinner. All we needed was a rocking chair to complete the look!


Mick & James said...

Oh well, you were an excellent topic of discussions and laughs... LOL
It was so nice to meet your parents. Please give them my best.

Lisa and Doug said...

It was nice meeting your parents! And it did make for humorous dinner conversation!