Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Decorations complete

The three of us each took our pumpkin and carved out some cute designs in them. I hope it's not too early to have given them the knife but we just won't have time later to accomplish this. They did turn out rather cute.

Last night we finished putting up decoration and now the house looks spooky. The night before, the doorbell rang and when we went to answer it, no one was there! Instead, there had been a ghost who delivered a pumpkin full of candy. So, we in turn, left a surprise for our neighbor. Anna did the running and I think she had a lot of fun. Almost as much fun as receiving the gift. I love Halloween!! When the neighbor boy told of his adventure on the bus today, Anna confessed and told him that she was his ghost.

Now that the decorating is all done, it's time to prepare for Matt's father to come. He'll be here overnight since he's in Atlanta for a business meeting. Too bad he won't be able to stay for the party.

Referrals are coming any day now. It's always exciting around referrals! Only wish it were mine but I'm sure I'll have quite a few more months to go.


Mick & James said...

Can't wait to see the house!


Lisa and Doug said...

This is going to be a fun party! Hee, hee!