Monday, October 30, 2006

11 Months Down

Today is our 11th month down. It seems like it's taking forever but I'll continue to have patience and try to fill my time doing fun things.

Our Halloween party went great! I want to thank everyone so much for dressing up. I feared that we'd be the only ones so was thrilled to see others coming to the door all decked out. The costumes were awesome! We had a vampire, a wizard, a devil, three flappers, a UPS guy, a dude with hair, two M&M's, a Mardi Gras woman, Julius Caesar, Dorothy with Darth Toto and a few as themselves.

Winners of the costume contest:

Funniest costume - Doug - the dude with the hair.
Cutest costume - Lisa - Purple flapper.
Scariest costume - Mick - Vampire.
Best couple - Georgia and Jeff - Themselves.
Best overall - Anna - Red flapper.
I had extra prizes so everyone went home a winner.

We had so much fun preparing and having the party. Perhaps we'll do it again next year.


Lisa and Doug said...

Congratulations on your LID-versary!

The party was so fun! Thanks so much for hosting!

Mick & James said...

Yes, let's do this again next year! Hopefully with KIDS!
and lots of 'em!

Lisa~~ said...

You hosted a great party!! Happy LID anniversary, hopefully not much longer until you get your referral.

Matt and Kathy said...

Absolutely Mick, LOTS of kids next year! We should all have them by then!

Georgia and Jeff said...

You throw a great party. Thanks so much!

stephanie said...

Your party looked like it was so much fun and you were a mighty fine-looking Dorothy!

Happy LID anniversary to you and I'm sending good ju-ju your way to speed up the referrals.