Monday, September 11, 2006

Yellow Daisy Festival

Anna and I hopped into the car early Saturday morning and headed towards Randi's. We stopped by and picked her up on the way to Stone Mountain to go to my annual craft fair. I've been going to this thing every year for over ten years now. I go to this and Matt goes to Dragon Con every September so it has become a tradition. We had to take a different route because there has been some major construction and we wanted to avoid that. We arrived only after a couple minor missed turns and parked the car way in the back of the lot and walked to the gates. I always get confused with the layout of the fair and this time was no different. We ended up missing a couple of rings but we did manage to spend about four hours there. I bought a small diaper bag to take with me on short outings among a few other items. I didn't see the furniture place this year though so none of that this time. We had a great time!

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