Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Open House at Creekview

Last night around 5:00, Anna came to me and told me that there will be an open house at school that evening at 7:00. What?? Tonight?? So, we scrambled around and got ready to head to her school. After introductions of the board members, and hearing about the new school year, they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building. We then had the opportunity to visit each of her different classrooms and met briefly with her teachers. This was just a quick overview of her day. We started with her first class and had exactly six minutes for each class and four minutes to get to the next one. Poor girl was so confused, she couldn't find her first class. We were on the wrong side of the building and it was dark outside so she had no landmarks to go by. She seemed really well liked by all her teachers, however, we didn't get a chance to really talk about her much. It was fun for me to see how she spends her day.

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Mick & James said...

Go Anna!
Kathy Mommie, you! LOL