Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fingerprint Renewal

About a week ago, just before our vacation, I sent in the check and request to redo our fingerprints. When I came back, there was a letter with our appointment for Oct 6th. We have so many other things going on that day, we decided to send it back and request a Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it won't take very long and they will not expire this time. I also received a packet from my agency with all the things that I'll need to redo. I just filed it away for right now. In about a week, I'll dig it out and get started on redoing all the paperwork, or at least getting things in order.


Lisa and Doug said...

That was fast! I just sent my request letter out today. I guess I will see when I get a response. I stinks having to redo all this paperwork!

Mick & James said...

I've sent ours too, but haven't heard back, yet. DANG!