Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The chair

Went shopping on Saturday with my friends and picked up this chair. As you can see, I got it for $20 and thought I got a great deal!

I brought it home, all cheery and went to work stripping it.

What a horrible mess!
I spent two hours attempting to strip that chair. Who knew it would be such a messy job??? Surely not me! The stripper burns if it touches your skin but luckily, water washes it away so it only burns for a little bit! Should have realized I shouldn't have worn shorts and flip flops! I finally took the hose to it and that seemed to help it along. I suppose I'll attempt taking more off tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. Remind me NEVER to attempt this job again! LOL

Here is what it looks like today! - I may attempt to finish it later.


Mick & James said...

bwah ha ha... beats boredom! LMAO

Lisa and Doug said...

Wow - you did a great job stripping the chair! It will be so pretty when you finish it!

Lisa~~ said...

You've been a busy girl!! I know the chair will look great once you finish it.