Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fingerprint Renewal

About a week ago, just before our vacation, I sent in the check and request to redo our fingerprints. When I came back, there was a letter with our appointment for Oct 6th. We have so many other things going on that day, we decided to send it back and request a Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it won't take very long and they will not expire this time. I also received a packet from my agency with all the things that I'll need to redo. I just filed it away for right now. In about a week, I'll dig it out and get started on redoing all the paperwork, or at least getting things in order.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Bug Guy

The bug guy came today and after he sprayed asked if we have our little girl yet. How sweet is that or would that be creepy??? Naw, he said he would respray her room again just before she gets here. He had sprayed it about six months ago and we were pretty much ready for her then!

The chair

Went shopping on Saturday with my friends and picked up this chair. As you can see, I got it for $20 and thought I got a great deal!

I brought it home, all cheery and went to work stripping it.

What a horrible mess!
I spent two hours attempting to strip that chair. Who knew it would be such a messy job??? Surely not me! The stripper burns if it touches your skin but luckily, water washes it away so it only burns for a little bit! Should have realized I shouldn't have worn shorts and flip flops! I finally took the hose to it and that seemed to help it along. I suppose I'll attempt taking more off tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. Remind me NEVER to attempt this job again! LOL

Here is what it looks like today! - I may attempt to finish it later.

On a Happier Note

Anna made her first pie. I asked her to plan a meal with dessert. She came up with a few ideas and picked a Ruby Grape Pie and Chicken quesadillas. We then wrote down the ingredients and went shopping for them. Silly me forgot about the pie until dinner time so we didn't start it until around 5:00. I helped her along but she did the majority of it. We popped it in the oven and when I asked her about the quesadillas, she said she was too tired to make those so we went with leftovers. The pie, however turned out GREAT!

Hummer Bummer


I felt so bad for the little guy that I buried him with Dad's tree and I taped up the small area that he got trapped in. Hopefully no more of that!

I love hummingbirds. They are cool little creatures that I feed. I bought a new shepherd's hook so I could hang two feeders from. Everything was hunky dorey and they came around quite a bit. I looked out my window yesterday and saw a bird caught in the V part of where the two arms meet the pole. Well, I went out to get a closer look and to free it but the poor thing strangled himself. I feel horrible and took the feeders down until we can figure out what to put in the V so it doesn't happen again.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Vacations are always so much fun and usually well needed.

We started our trip on Sunday, drove to Orlando and checked into a decent resort called Floridays. It's a new one, just opened this summer. It's a time share but the only complaint that I had the entire stay was they didn't provide coffee every morning. Otherwise, it was a fantastic place. We had a two bedroom suite overlooking the pool from the top floor. The first thing we did was to expose Anna to some miniature golf. Luckily I forgot the camera!

Our days were filled with the Kennedy Space Center where we saw the launch sites, Sea World, where we saw the baby killer whale who was less than 24 hours old, Epcot where we toured the world and then, local attractions like Wonderworks, shopping and Downtown Disney.

On our drive home, we headed towards the coast and ended up going to St. Simons Island where I had a brief opportunity to dip my feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

We had such a great time but it was so nice to be home.

Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Open House at Creekview

Last night around 5:00, Anna came to me and told me that there will be an open house at school that evening at 7:00. What?? Tonight?? So, we scrambled around and got ready to head to her school. After introductions of the board members, and hearing about the new school year, they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building. We then had the opportunity to visit each of her different classrooms and met briefly with her teachers. This was just a quick overview of her day. We started with her first class and had exactly six minutes for each class and four minutes to get to the next one. Poor girl was so confused, she couldn't find her first class. We were on the wrong side of the building and it was dark outside so she had no landmarks to go by. She seemed really well liked by all her teachers, however, we didn't get a chance to really talk about her much. It was fun for me to see how she spends her day.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yellow Daisy Festival

Anna and I hopped into the car early Saturday morning and headed towards Randi's. We stopped by and picked her up on the way to Stone Mountain to go to my annual craft fair. I've been going to this thing every year for over ten years now. I go to this and Matt goes to Dragon Con every September so it has become a tradition. We had to take a different route because there has been some major construction and we wanted to avoid that. We arrived only after a couple minor missed turns and parked the car way in the back of the lot and walked to the gates. I always get confused with the layout of the fair and this time was no different. We ended up missing a couple of rings but we did manage to spend about four hours there. I bought a small diaper bag to take with me on short outings among a few other items. I didn't see the furniture place this year though so none of that this time. We had a great time!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dragon Boat Races

Today we attended our first Dragon Boat race at Lake Lanier. The weather was absolutely perfect for such an event. Poor Mick and James had to wait for us as we ended up getting lost and not getting there on time. There were lots of people around and lots of tents set up for the racers. It was an interesting event that has now been crossed off our list of things to do while we wait. There were a couple vendors who were selling items. Several people had kites that they were flying and one really had it soaring way high in the sky. There were a couple of families who had three small girls around three years old. They each had a parasol in different colors and the parents were taking lots of pictures. I can't wait until it's our turn to be taking pictures of our little ones. They were so adorable!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Great mail day today!

Today when I got home, there, sitting at my front door was a large package. It was from my secret pal, Dana. This is our 8th and final month of doing the swaps so we are to reveal ourselves. I forgot to do this so I have sent cards, revealing myself to my partners. I signed up for two of them and both have been more than generous with all the things they have sent. I only wish I had thought of it sooner to take pictures of all the stuff they have sent. I really hope that we'll be able to meet each other in China. Receiving boxes in the mail with baby things is such a joy and really helps while dealing with the never ending wait.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

NEW Baby Panda

How cute is this?? Lun Lun, a giant panda at the Atlanta Zoo, gave birth yesterday.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dad's Memorial Tree

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for me. First the official notice from CCAA that we were through review. The bitter part was that it was my Dad's one year anniversary of his death. It was a hard day at times. We decided to plant a tree in his memory. We ended up at the Home Depot Landscaping store. They had tons of trees to choose from. We chose a Wisteria, brought it home and I dug the first part of the hole. Matt then took over and finished it out for me. The first two photos were my contribution. We then planted it and Matt had to water and do the clean up because I had to go and take Anna to the football game!

I think once it starts to grow, we will mound up around it, plant flowers and mulch.

Friday, September 01, 2006


This is one small but important step for us. It's now official and we are out of critical review. (Our agency told us about a month ago that we were out.) We have now been put into the matching room. That is our final room and could take several months just sitting there, waiting to be matched. It's not a huge step but it's important, nonetheless.
Now to just get the July 22, 2005 to say ~November 30, 2005~