Sunday, July 30, 2006

Preparing and Anna's arrival

A Little Sheep I found for the top of her Welcome sign.
The Sheep Cake I made for her.
Kathy, Matt and Anna. - We look HUGE compared to her!! She's so tiny!
Lily, Susan, Joy and Sarah.
Lily, Joy, Susan, Sarah, Kathy, Matt and Anna.

Anna's nickname in Jr. High school was sheep. She drew lot of little sheep all over her application so I tried to find sheep for her. I found and made a cake.

We got up at 4am and headed to the airport around 5:30. Susan called to let us know that they were running about an hour late so we stopped for breakfast at IHOP on the way. She arrived with several other students who were all greeted by other members of the FCCA. We gathered bags and headed home. She is now unpacking and will just relax the rest of the day. I'm sure she's beat, I know I am.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Our "First Time Moms" Consignment Sale

Waiting in the 104 degree heat
Mick's turn to shell out the $$$, our big spender of the day!
Lisa and Mick, waiting in line to get inside to the air.
Lisa and Kathy with some of our bargains.
Mick walking her pretend dog.
Last night, Lisa, Mick and I went to a consignment sale. We each bought a ton of stuff. My kid is gonna have so many clothes, at least one new outfit a day for her entire first two years!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's been awhile

I haven't felt much like writing lately.
I did hear from the foreign exchange organization and found out that they did approve us. Our student also has approved us. She did email me but we're working on email address problems. She leaves Taiwan on July 29th but I'm not sure when she will arrive in Atlanta yet. I made her a sign with her name and plan to make her a cake in the shape of a sheep to help her feel at home. I plan to take her shopping for other things once she gets here.

Since the last writing, we have done several things. For the fourth of July, we went to Mick and James' for a Bar-B-Que, Dinner and a movie with Doug and Lisa, Blueberry picking with Susan, Sarah and Joy, along with a lunch with the Roswell playgroup, went to the Asian Cultural Experience with Mick and James, and of course my monthly Bunco game. I've also volunteered to do a welcome committee for our subdivision. It took me five months to finally gather the courage to meet our neighbors across the street, so I figured this way, I would be forced to get out there and not be so shy about it. Carol from Bunco has offered to help me with it so that is a great help to me too. She has been kind enough to bake cookies for each of them. In fact, we are heading out this evening to greet a few more.

The other day I was at home, washing the dishes and Bindi started his hyper, excited whine like he used to do when we lived at the old house. He would always get excited when he saw the kids next door. Well, he kept at it so I looked out the door, saw nothing. I then walked out the back door and looked through the gate to see if someone was in the driveway or even walking down the street. Again, no one. I went back in, calmed the dog and back to the sink. The phone rang. It was Viki, (the old neighbor with the kids). She asked if I was home and if I would like some company. I said sure, where are you. She said next door, literally. She had come to look at new houses/plans. Bindi had actually heard or saw the kids and he knew it way before I did. How cool is that? That was fun to see them.

As for Chani, there are only rumors of the wait time creeping up to 18 months. No other news whatsoever. The girls and I are going to a consignment sale next week. They offered a first time mom preview sale which means we get first shot at the best things. I'm excited for that.