Friday, June 30, 2006

No more worries

It's been nearly three weeks now since we've agreed to host a student. I'm feeling a little bit in the dark about it. School registration is July 18th and begins on August 1st. That doesn't leave much time to get things done.

I did just find out that she has to approve us as well. I had been wondering about that and wondered what she would think of us, the house, the community, the school, etc. I'm glad that she does get the choice of whether or not to accept us as well. I hope she does because I'm really excited to have her come. I want to take her shopping for school and introduce her to my friends. I want to learn so much from her and about her life in Taiwan. This will be an awesome experience for us as well as for her.

I suppose this is a little like what the wait will be after the referral call for Chani. I know that her wait will be quite a bit more intense. The not knowing is the hardest part. I tried to plan a trip before Anna's arrival but can't since I don't know for sure when that will be. So, I continue to wait and have put her registration packet in the drawer, half complete. I would hope that the program would enroll her and take care of all those things.

On a positive note, not taking a trip will give Matt more time he needs to work on the closets!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More info on Anna

I just heard from our rep that the school district has approved her. They are sending out an enrollment packet and she'll need to read through it to make sure there is nothing else that needs to be considered. Once she's satisfied, she'll let us know and we can then start to correspond. I'm anxiously waiting to do that.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Review Room/Anna/Matt's Parents

Today I found out that three families out of 23 in our travel group have been contacted for more information. It was also posted that the remainder 20 have already been reviewed. Yeah!!! A bit of good news for a change. We will remain in the review room until it's time to be matched. As of today, we are at a 12-13 month wait. I did some review of my paperwork and found out that my I-797C (immigration file) expires on 3/24/07. If we don't receive a referral by 11/24/06, our agency states that we'll need to redo it. Our fingerprints will expire 10/28/06 and will absolutely need updated. Hopefully we'll receive our referral at 12 months which will be in November. I really don't want to go to all that expense again, not to mention time and hassle.

We found a way to help pass the time until referral. We have decided to host a foreign exchange student. Her name is Anna and we are waiting to hear if the school district will approve her. Once that is done, we can start exchanging emails. I will also convert the guest room into a room for her. Our friends Susan and Bill are hosting a girl too. It should be quite fun and a great distraction. I hope to learn a lot about Taiwan, China and Asia in general. I can't wait to teach her about America.

We just had Matt's parents here for the weekend. For Father's Day, we awoke early and went for breakfast at IHOP. We then went to the aquarium and the new Ikea store and then had dinner at Winchester Woodfire Grill. It was a day of firsts for us. It was a bit sad when they left as now I have no one to drink coffee with me in the mornings.