Thursday, May 18, 2006

We're in Review???

Someone from my DTC group just posted that their agency has informed them that they were in the review room. I hope we are too!! Our agency doesn't give out that kind of information so it's great to hear that someone in the same month is being told that. I guess we will only know for sure if we are in there is if we get a call requesting more information or clarification of something. Of course, I hope not to receive that call. That's not the one that I want.

Today I had a great mail day. I received from my secret pal the most amazing bracelet. She said it was made from swarovski crystals. Its beads are silver, red, clear, a few pearls and a ladybug charm. I absolutely adore it. She said it was a red thread bracelet and sent the story behind the red thread saying. I have been wanting one for quite awhile now. It really made my day to find this in my box.

I also received a couple more swaps. A pair of pink socks and a book for Chani about making new friends. It has ladybugs as the main characters. Also, came a bib that has China on it and a scrapbook header sticker that says Georgia. I love the swaps! I am grateful to have found these boards and the generous people who are also on this journey for their new child. It has been an amazing trip so far.

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