Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sad Mother's Day

Mother's day was hard for me this year. This was posted on one of the boards and it's exactly how I felt.

Mother's Day...
Every year I always feel kind of sad on this special day, because I am
not yet a mother. This year is different, of course - we are finally
in the process of adopting our first baby! So I have really been
looking forward to today, feeling a little bit like an expectant mom.
But today met me with the same disapointments as the past few years.
My husband didn't say "Happy Mother's Day", no one seems to recognize that this feels like a very special day to me. If I were pregnant, I assume that everyone would be so excited, and my husband would be spoiling me as this is my first mother's day. But it's just another Sunday here.

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