Monday, May 08, 2006

Potluck, Ring, Toys, Shad

Matt and I went to our first waiting families potluck this weekend. We drove almost an hour to a beautiful house in Sandy Springs where we had the dinner. Then, we listened to a very informative talk about the health issues of the Chinese kids. After that, we watched a Gotcha Day video. It was really sweet. There were several Chinese kids there and that was a lot of fun to watch them. I can't wait to have our own.

Matt was sick this weekend so we didn't get anything else accomplished. He lost his wedding ring. He thinks it's somewhere in the house but we searched and couldn't find it. I will search again today.

I went to some garage sales this weekend and picked up a few toys for Chani. One was a large plastic changing table/tub. I brought it home, removed the stickers that were half gone and scrubbed it really well, It is just adorable now! I may put some different stickers on it to dress it up a bit. We'll see on that one. I also bought a small kitchen by Little Tikes. It came with all the accessories. There is a fry pan that when you put it on the burner part, it sizzles. A different pot sounds like boiling water and then there is a timer that clicks down and dings. Way too cute!! I may have destroyed it though. EVERY item that I buy for her gets scrubbed. I figure if it gets ruined that I'm not out that much anyway. Well, after it's scrubbing, the noise stopped. I had to find a screwdriver to open it and found the batteries and there was lots of water still in it. I left it open to dry out. We'll see today if it still works. I've been pretty lucky with those things and they usually will work after all the water is gone. I had a lion once that went into the washer. He didn't make it!

Shad, my cat, is going to the vet this morning. He hasn't eaten for three full days and has found a new hiding place, under the crib. He's not drinking anything either and I'm really worried about him. He just had a yearly check up last August and nothing was wrong with him then. I hope I can get an appointment this morning at this new vet that I found online. I hate finding new doctors. Guess that goes with moving.

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