Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dealing with the wait

There is nothing I can do but wait and prepare for the call. Some of the things that I've started doing are these.

1. Each Monday I am opening up one or two of the things that I have bought or received that is still in the package. Everyone tells me that getting a baby is a sure thing from China so they have boosted my confidence level enough to open up small packages. Yesterday was my first Monday to do this. I opened up a set of stacking cups. I don't really know what it accomplished because all I did was open it and put them back in the basket. I guess maybe it was a feeling of actually doing something that can't be undone. I can't return it to the store now.

2. I've taken someone's idea for a visual chain to countdown to Chani. Someone suggested to do it with paperclips and to coordinate one color per month. I did that. I have white for June, blue for July and so on until red for November. Each clip represents one day in the month that there may be dossiers logged in. When referrals come, usually towards the end of the month, I will pull off the number of clips of the days that were referred. Last month there were seven days included in that month's referrals so 7 clips were removed. Just something small to do and seeing it get smaller brings a slight smile.

3. I still have a few small things to do in her room.

A) Attach the ladybugs to her walls and paint their heads, legs and trails.
B) Paint the shadows on her fence to make it a bit more 3-D.
C) Put up border in closet. - It has been ordered.
D) Change her sink faucet to the Winnie the Pooh faucet.
E) Purchase a wooden rod and hang her matching valances.
F) While ordering her border, I ordered a matching growth chart plus two rugs.
G) Wait for Matt to build her shelves, furniture, etc.

4. Other things I need to do.

A) Work on her quilt - I'll maybe start on it late summer, early fall.
B) Finish her cross stitch of her panda bears - up to the wording part which
will need to wait for referral.
C) Finish painting her "Time Out" chair.
D) Finish crocheting another and final blanket.
E) Start a lifebook.

I think that's about it for now.


Mick & James said...

LMAO - you already have a time out chair? You crack me up!

Matt and Kathy said...

Yep, you can see it in one of the pictures. I did paint it when I painted the fence pickets. It's white and her panda bear backpack is hanging on it in the picture. I just need to decorate it. Hmmmm, wonder if Anna will help me???

falco348 said...
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