Thursday, May 18, 2006

We're in Review???

Someone from my DTC group just posted that their agency has informed them that they were in the review room. I hope we are too!! Our agency doesn't give out that kind of information so it's great to hear that someone in the same month is being told that. I guess we will only know for sure if we are in there is if we get a call requesting more information or clarification of something. Of course, I hope not to receive that call. That's not the one that I want.

Today I had a great mail day. I received from my secret pal the most amazing bracelet. She said it was made from swarovski crystals. Its beads are silver, red, clear, a few pearls and a ladybug charm. I absolutely adore it. She said it was a red thread bracelet and sent the story behind the red thread saying. I have been wanting one for quite awhile now. It really made my day to find this in my box.

I also received a couple more swaps. A pair of pink socks and a book for Chani about making new friends. It has ladybugs as the main characters. Also, came a bib that has China on it and a scrapbook header sticker that says Georgia. I love the swaps! I am grateful to have found these boards and the generous people who are also on this journey for their new child. It has been an amazing trip so far.

A few more pictures

Her new crib mates - Panda, teddy bear from her Aunt Donna and the first stuffed bunny I bought for Chani. I made the blanket hanging on the crib.

Here are a few of the things I've collected for her. I have no idea what size of shoes she'll wear so I have one pain in each size. I'll donate those that do not fit. I'm going to have LOTS of donations I'm sure.

Another view of her room.

A Few updated photos of her nursery

Here is where I spend a lot of my time, journaling to her or just daydreaming.

Here is one corner of her room. I want to find some pretty flowers to put in the hanging basket. I have taken down the ladybug bodies and paper clip trail. I will complete them one day.

This one is where we painted the clouds.

One where we have put up the wall decorations that match her bedroom set.

Another corner where we have a few of her things. I'm only going to put decorative items, stuffed animals and books in her bed room. All other toys will go in her toy room down stairs. That's the plan anyway. I do have a few new toys up there right now but once we receive the call, I'll open them and transfer them to the toy room. Most of the furniture in here will be taken out once Matt gets in there and builds the shelves and window seat.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Our Social Worker is Leaving

We just received an email stating that our Social worker from WHFC is leaving. She said that someone new would fill here position and that things shouldn't change. I wonder what kind of impact that will have on us. I hope none but it's still sad to know that she is leaving.

Sad Mother's Day

Mother's day was hard for me this year. This was posted on one of the boards and it's exactly how I felt.

Mother's Day...
Every year I always feel kind of sad on this special day, because I am
not yet a mother. This year is different, of course - we are finally
in the process of adopting our first baby! So I have really been
looking forward to today, feeling a little bit like an expectant mom.
But today met me with the same disapointments as the past few years.
My husband didn't say "Happy Mother's Day", no one seems to recognize that this feels like a very special day to me. If I were pregnant, I assume that everyone would be so excited, and my husband would be spoiling me as this is my first mother's day. But it's just another Sunday here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Feeling blue

Feeling a bit down today. This wait is taking forever and we're not even half way through it yet. Updating everything is really getting to me. We've gone through all of this once and now we are going to need to basically do the whole thing again. More time, more money, and yet, there are kids just waiting to be adopted. Why are there so many obstacles? Latest rumor is that they are going to refer two weeks. I hope they pick up and do full months again. Although, it won't matter as our paperwork will expire anyway.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Potluck, Ring, Toys, Shad

Matt and I went to our first waiting families potluck this weekend. We drove almost an hour to a beautiful house in Sandy Springs where we had the dinner. Then, we listened to a very informative talk about the health issues of the Chinese kids. After that, we watched a Gotcha Day video. It was really sweet. There were several Chinese kids there and that was a lot of fun to watch them. I can't wait to have our own.

Matt was sick this weekend so we didn't get anything else accomplished. He lost his wedding ring. He thinks it's somewhere in the house but we searched and couldn't find it. I will search again today.

I went to some garage sales this weekend and picked up a few toys for Chani. One was a large plastic changing table/tub. I brought it home, removed the stickers that were half gone and scrubbed it really well, It is just adorable now! I may put some different stickers on it to dress it up a bit. We'll see on that one. I also bought a small kitchen by Little Tikes. It came with all the accessories. There is a fry pan that when you put it on the burner part, it sizzles. A different pot sounds like boiling water and then there is a timer that clicks down and dings. Way too cute!! I may have destroyed it though. EVERY item that I buy for her gets scrubbed. I figure if it gets ruined that I'm not out that much anyway. Well, after it's scrubbing, the noise stopped. I had to find a screwdriver to open it and found the batteries and there was lots of water still in it. I left it open to dry out. We'll see today if it still works. I've been pretty lucky with those things and they usually will work after all the water is gone. I had a lion once that went into the washer. He didn't make it!

Shad, my cat, is going to the vet this morning. He hasn't eaten for three full days and has found a new hiding place, under the crib. He's not drinking anything either and I'm really worried about him. He just had a yearly check up last August and nothing was wrong with him then. I hope I can get an appointment this morning at this new vet that I found online. I hate finding new doctors. Guess that goes with moving.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dealing with the wait

There is nothing I can do but wait and prepare for the call. Some of the things that I've started doing are these.

1. Each Monday I am opening up one or two of the things that I have bought or received that is still in the package. Everyone tells me that getting a baby is a sure thing from China so they have boosted my confidence level enough to open up small packages. Yesterday was my first Monday to do this. I opened up a set of stacking cups. I don't really know what it accomplished because all I did was open it and put them back in the basket. I guess maybe it was a feeling of actually doing something that can't be undone. I can't return it to the store now.

2. I've taken someone's idea for a visual chain to countdown to Chani. Someone suggested to do it with paperclips and to coordinate one color per month. I did that. I have white for June, blue for July and so on until red for November. Each clip represents one day in the month that there may be dossiers logged in. When referrals come, usually towards the end of the month, I will pull off the number of clips of the days that were referred. Last month there were seven days included in that month's referrals so 7 clips were removed. Just something small to do and seeing it get smaller brings a slight smile.

3. I still have a few small things to do in her room.

A) Attach the ladybugs to her walls and paint their heads, legs and trails.
B) Paint the shadows on her fence to make it a bit more 3-D.
C) Put up border in closet. - It has been ordered.
D) Change her sink faucet to the Winnie the Pooh faucet.
E) Purchase a wooden rod and hang her matching valances.
F) While ordering her border, I ordered a matching growth chart plus two rugs.
G) Wait for Matt to build her shelves, furniture, etc.

4. Other things I need to do.

A) Work on her quilt - I'll maybe start on it late summer, early fall.
B) Finish her cross stitch of her panda bears - up to the wording part which
will need to wait for referral.
C) Finish painting her "Time Out" chair.
D) Finish crocheting another and final blanket.
E) Start a lifebook.

I think that's about it for now.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Waiting for Chani

While working in the nursery this weekend, we finished the fence and painted some clouds, although they didn't turn out as well as I hoped they would. We hung her border, well, all that we could anyway. I need to order another roll to do her closet. I also washed, pressed and hung her sheers back up. I need to buy a wooden rod to hand her valances. (I taped them up so I could see how they would look for now.) We hung up her towel bars, robe hook and toilet paper roll holder. I started to reassemble her room but didn't get it quite finished. Still a lot of work to do in there. Matt wants to build a bookcase/window seat along her wall. Then, crown molding and a shelf just underneath the border. I'm beginning to think that maybe we are overdoing it. It does look awfully cute right now, even all messy.